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New beginnings made easy

Spruce up your home on a tight budget

By Lifestyle Reporter | November 23, 2020 | Category

Picture: Unsplash

Colour is truly the superpower of decorating. It can take dull spots and breathe life into them, turning them into want-to-be-there areas, says interior designer Willem Engelbrecht, owner of WillDesign and our in-house interior consultant. He offers his six best tips on colour for your home.

1 Have a clear plan: When you start decorating it is important to start with clarity about what you want to change and achieve. Use Pinterest for inspiration. It’s possible to get a luxury look on a budget if you use the right colours. Study rooms by top designers to see what colours are being used, and be inspired.

2 You’ll need a colour scheme: If you don’t have this you’re are just shooting in the dark. A scheme will save you money and guide your decorating project.

It also prevents you from impulse buying, and then having things that just don’t fit together.

3 Use the 60:30:10 rule: The main colour of the room is 60%: this anchors your space and will serve as a backdrop for whatever else you are doing. Thirty percent is the secondary colour- this could be on things such as an accent wall, painted furniture, bed linen. The 10% is the accent colour and can be used on cushions, accessories, lamps, artwork or fabric.

4 If rules don’t work for you: Go monochromatic or try the 30:30:30:10 ratio. Just ensure there is balance.

5 If you don’t have money for a lot of paint: Accent walls will always be stylish. Find one small wall that can be accented to pop out.

If your budget, for instance won’t allow back splashes in kitchens, use a sexy colour on countertops or cabinets.

6 Flow colours from room to room: A colour palette that uses one or two basic wall colours that flow throughout is a money-saver. When you limit your paint choices to two colours, ensure they work together as you move through your house.