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How to style a chic Christmas tree this year, according to an expert

The baubles to put on your radar this festive season

By Vogue UK | December 12, 2021 | Diy

Early December is here, which means that, for many of us, it’s time to blow the dust off the old box of tinsel and obnoxiously tangled fairy lights at the back of the garage and dress the Christmas tree once more.

But the decorations at your disposal, while reassuringly festive in their red and green and glitter, can feel a little predictable—especially if you’ve been calling on the same set for the festive task for a few years.

If you’re in the market to brighten up your festive décor this year, whether that’s in the form of a new tree, by dangling some new baubles, or with an entire colour scheme makeover, Vogue Living talked to an expert about the top Christmas tree trends he’s spotting for 2021.

Below, see the recommendations of Sol Lakein, the chief brand officer of King of Christmas, an online boutique dedicated to Christmas trees, decor and festive tchotchkes in all their forms. Your new Christmas tree, at its most stylish, awaits.

The tree itself

Foundations first. Whether you opt for a real tree or an artificial version, “flocked trees definitely continue to be in this season,” says Lakein. Another pick he recommends is the perennially popular King Noble Fir, in the Charlie Brown style.

Beaded bliss

Move over, fairy lights: Lakein is noticing a spike in interest in beaded garlands strung over the boughs of trees instead. Glittering, wooden or a little bohemian, they can add an unexpected element to a Christmas décor set-up.

Feather light

From fashion to foliage, feathers have made their mark on 2021. Lakein has noticed the rise of feathered tree picks slipped in at the ends of Christmas tree branches, for a touch of opulence and old-world glamour. They allow for a “wispier, fluffier look on the tree,” he says, and “add a lot of dimension.”

Go big, and bigger

Again, just as in the world of fashion, the festive season calls for an embracing of the big and bold. For Lakein, oversized ornaments are one of the biggest trends to emerge in 2021. Think of it as the parallel to fashion’s focus on dopamine dressing: after all our time at home, we’re ready to climb to new heights with our aesthetics this year, be that with an extra dose of sparkle, a heaping of tinsel, or a joy-inducing set of unabashedly big baubles.

Au naturel

While bold and bright hues are popular this year, there’s also a craving for simplicity and homely styles. “Colour schemes seem to be more natural this season,” says Lakein, “and traditional.” But opting for a natural look doesn’t mean dispensing with festive flair: choose earthen, dusky shades of forest green and rust red for a grounded, tonally cohesive palette.

A breath of fresh air

Baby's breath is a popular choice to add dimension and delicate freshness to flower bouquets, and it can provide the same, organic aesthetic to your tree. Plus, its soft white buds look akin to snowflakes–which, even during a southern hemisphere summer, evoke the nostalgia and whimsy of snow-covered firs in a storybook Christmas.

Roots and all

While ornaments for the tree often occupy the bulk of the attention when it comes to Christmas tree décor, there’s reason to look a little further south, according to Lakein. Shelter the base of your tree in a wicker basket collar, for an elegant touch and to provide a fitting background for the presents set to be stacked in front of it.

Written by Divya Venkataraman.

This article originally appeared on Vogue Living Australia.