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If you're looking to try a new hobby, we've got some fun suggestions

From soap-making workshops to floral art, explore some interesting hobbies in 2023

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By Alyxandra Carolus | December 18, 2022 | Diy

The world we live is fast-paced, interconnected and it can be hard to switch off. During the start of the ongoing pandemic, many people turned to hobbies to explore their creativity and to pass the time at home. But if you feel like you need to reset well and enjoy something offline in your spare time, starting a new activity can be a game changer. We’ve rounded up some fun ideas to try in 2023.

Dig into a workshop

Put those hands to use and find a local ceramics, candle or soap making workshop in your area. These are relatively eco-friendly and once you’ve been through one or two workshops, you can start making either one in your own home at your own pace. Some local suppliers who make candles, ceramics or soaps often have classes for eager customers, so that would be the best place to start

Explore the blooms

If you simply can’t live without your weekly or monthly blooms, it might be time to start trying your hand at putting together bouquets yourself. Flowers are such a wonderful gift and learning how to make a bunch can be such a fun activity to try at any point of the year. If you’re not keen on working with flowers, you could consider trying flower pressing? It’s an easy way to preserve flowers, plants and other memories from nature.

Get the needles out

No longer reserved for grandmothers or aunts, knitting and crocheting are great ways to work with textiles. You could try embroidery classes, make some art and do an activity that explores your creativity. It’s a good way to meet and engage with new people if you’ve just recently moved to a new city.