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H&G It Yourself: How to make your own delightful soy candles

If you’re looking for a cost-effective gift idea, why not try making your own soy candles?

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By Alyxandra Carolus | December 18, 2022 | Diy

Whether you’re in the mood for something new or want to add another hobby to your growing list, candle-making is such a fun activity to try at any point in the year. As the festive season rolls around, it’s an eco-friendly and relatively sustainable gift that fits any budget or interior style type. Crafting is such an underrated hobby and can branch into textiles, clay or any type of practical trade. If you live in South Africa, you understand why it’s important to have candles around your home, so at least you know this gift will be utilised

Why soy candles?

Compared to other materials, soy is one of the cleaner-burning options around. Soy also has a lower burning point and thus, can burn for longer. As always, make sure you trim your wicks before burning as it allows for a cleaner burn overall. Alternatively, if you’d like to try something else, beeswax candles are a great renewable and eco-friendly resource.

So where to start?

Have a look at local candle making companies in your area, who are most likely to offer some classes. You can get some insight on how to make the best type of candles, what holders to use and how to handle the material. If you’re unable to find a candle making studio near you, head over to trusty YouTube or social media to find out more. The beauty of DIY is being able to figure it out via trial and error. Have a look at the how-to video down below and learn how to start making soy candles at home