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6 Bathroom trends for 2021

These bathroom decor trends will inspire self-care

By Sacha van Niekerk | March 25, 2021 | Category

6 Bathroom trends for 2021

Picture: Pexels

With people placing more importance on self-care than ever before, it’s no wonder people are investing in having bathrooms that are aesthetically pleasing, creating havens for rest and relaxation.

From tiled archways to gorgeous bathtubs that beckon for bubbles and soothing salts, the bathroom trends for 2021 are sophisticated and creative with glamorous elements you’ll want to adopt into your home.

6 Bathroom trends for 2021:

Statement tub

Make your bathtub or shower the focal point of your bathroom by choosing stand-out designs and hardware.

You could also frame the bathing area with an archway, painted wall/wallpaper, window, or by having the tub in it’s own room, uncluttered by the sink and vanity.

Shiny gold tubs, luxurious marble tiling, or contrasting hues that pop against the rest of the colour scheme are also super popular ways of making sure your bath is the main attraction.

GIant mirrors

Backsplashes are typically the area behind kitchen and bathroom sinks. In this instance, it’s the area behind the bathtub.

With statement baths of all sorts rising in popularity, the need to find a balance between the grandeur of such a stand-out piece and the dull area behind it has grown.

Placing a statement mirror with bold, ornate carvings, washed with metallic gold paint or matte white, standing tall and wide behind a brass Victorian bathtub or opulent marble will take your bathroom styling to a whole new level.


Sinks don’t have to be drab, bathroom decor can extend beyond to the less obvious nooks and crannies of your home. Statement sinks add a pop of colour, pattern and creativity in otherwise forgotten areas.

Whether it’s a colour theme or pattern you’d like to incorporate in your decor, you can use a tiled sink for continuity in the interior design of your home.

As for backsplashes – the wall area behind the sink – they have been getting super trendy makeovers in recent years.

They no longer serve only to protect your walls from water damage, but can be an integral part of your kitchen and bathroom decor too. Geometric tiles in vibrant shades, patterned mosaic-style tiles or even lossy white ceramic tiles for a more sleek look – anything goes.

Ornate hardware

From the handles of doors and bathroom vanities to the taps on sinks and baths, with ornate brassware you can take ordinary decor to new heights.

Glamorous gold metal, vintage brass with intricate shapes and patterns, pick a style that complements the theme of your bathroom decor, whether that be modern, country fresh or minimalist.


From glittering chandeliers suspended above the bathtub to minimalist hidden lighting that illuminates your bathroom with a natural glow, there are so many unique lighting solutions that can be used to amp up your decor game.

For that Pinterest-perfect appeal, a statement lighting adds a glamorous edge to your overall bathroom aesthetic.


Whether it’s a faux arch painted onto the wall to frame the bathtub, an arched shower entryway or an arched window, the curves of arches add movement and create the illusion of more space.

Want to show off the main features in your bathroom? Use arches to highlight what you love about your bathroom.