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Revamp Your Bathroom: Embrace Boldness with these Wallpaper Ideas

Bathroom wallpaper ideas you'll want to copy. Cheaper than tiles, more characterful than paint, with bathroom wallpaper we would suggest being as bold as you dare.

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By House & Garden | March 15, 2024 | Bathroom

Is wallpaper in the bathroom a good idea? The short answer is yes. 'I always love wallpaper in the bathroom and I would suggest being as bold as you dare,' says House & Garden Top 100 Interior Designer, Rita Konig. 'I have used 'Martinique' from US-based Hinson & Company in my own house.

The bathroom is a good place to use an extravagant paper - the chances are you don't have that much wall space and you will enjoy it every day, several times. The bathroom is also a room that you are generally in fleetingly, so you are unlikely to tire of a bold pattern. Unless you have a very cold house and very hot water, you shouldn't have a problem with the steam.'

Smaller bathrooms offer the opportunity to be really bold: with less space to cover, you'll need less paper and can - forgive the pun - splash out on something a little more special. Whether that's a beautifully intricate chinoiserie or a contemporary geometric.

Often, designers will opt for wallpaper on the top half of the bathroom wall and panelling on the lower half: not only does it provide a discrete place in which to house cupboards or the cistern of a loo, but it gives you an opportunity to paint this section in a bold colour which can, in turn, complement the wallpaper.

For this and more inspiration, look no further than our gallery of enviable bathrooms.

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