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The most amazing bathroom shower decor ideas everyone should try

Style your shower perfectly for a luxurious cleanse after a long day

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By Kauthar Gool | June 2, 2023 | Bathroom

There’s nothing as wonderful as a hot shower after a long day of toils and travails. A bathroom is more than simply a place to cleanse the body, and should, ideally, be a space where you can relax your mind and unwind. If you’re not a big fan of bathtubs or have a smaller space where a tub could not be accommodated, we have the top tips for you to make the most of your shower.

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1. A spa-like aesthetic

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Give your bathroom a spa-like feeling with a beautiful walk-in shower. There is something so special and symbolic about going into a shower with the weight of the world on your shoulders, and emerging more refreshed – both physically and mentally.

2. Two-person shower

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Add a touch of wonder by creating a bathroom with a double showerhead and room for more than one person. Admittedly, this type of shower is more suitable for people with bigger bathrooms, but if you have the room and don’t want a bathtub, go wild with your design.

3. Tiled walls

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Add tiles or mosaics to your shower walls to create a delicious aesthetic of splendour. Incorporating subway tiles, which many regard as timeless, is also a fantastic idea.

4. A statement shower


10 details we love about our bathroom 🤍 Inspired by our travels, when we designed our bathroom, we wanted to create the feeling of a luxury hotel at home, an elegant space to unwind with functionality considered. Here are a few of the details that make this calming space our haven for pampering and relaxation. No.1 @PorterBathroom Statement Marble Shower A bold combination of Rosa Antica Marble & brass details from @Waterworks, inspired by our stay at the Gritti Palace in Venice. No.2 Arched Alcove Designed in a space that sunlight hits all year round, we love styling our alcove with seasonal flora and lighting candles to give the room a warming & inviting glow. No.3 @CPHartBathrooms Toto Japanese Toilet Inspired by our stay at Aman Tokyo, we knew when the time was right we needed this in our lives. It features a heated seat, auto open and close lid, self clean, bidet wash & dry and an inbuilt extractor. So clever! No.4 @Waterworks Two Person Tub The ultimate luxury and one of our favourite things in our home, this is used almost every night - Navy loves it! No.5 Floor To Ceiling Storage For housing everything from towels to toiletries, toilet roll to bath toys. @Profile_Plastering plastered the doors and we wrapped the coving around the top to create a seamless look. Inside you’ll find sockets for charging toothbrushes and shavers. No.6 His & Hers Vanity Custom build and inspired by our stay in hotels around the world. We opted for soft close drawers instead of doors to make the most of the storage. The beautiful Rosa Antica marble pairs with the shower and is complimented by the brass taps. No.7 Sensor Night Lights A favourite addition, our ceiling sensor triggers a warm glow in the shower niche & under the toilet, no more late night toilet trips in the dark! No.8 @PorterBathroom Heated Towel Rail Powered by both hot water & electricity, allowing you to maintain the heat all year round. Say goodbye to damp towels! No.9 Demista Anti-Steam Mirror The heated demista pad behind our large double vanity mirror prevents the mirror from steaming up after hot showers. No.10 Mood Lighting For creating a warm and inspiring space. So cosy!

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It’s not only bathtubs that can be the focal point of a bathroom. Add a shower that makes a statement and becomes the star of the show to give your space a more decadent feel that you’ll love – especially after an exhausting day at the office.