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Channel the Subtle Power of Pastel with these Contemporary Pieces

Pastel has endured trends and seasons, however, these easy decor upgrades will help you add your own twist by breaking away from the traditional palette

By House & Garden South Africa, Palesa Kgasane  | March 7, 2022 | Interiors

Pastel is the gift that keeps on giving and incorporating it into your home is less daunting than one would think.

Consider bold accessories in varying textures and patterns that steer away from the traditional pastel colour palette, for the perfect balance of modern and classic.

Tradition ‘Shuffle’ table, Créma Design
Summer day cotton tufted cushion cover multi, Sixth floor, Superbalist
Velvet stool with golden plinth, @home
Mirror in ply and pine, por, Mooi mirrors
Artisan tilt-head stand mixer in Kyoto Glow, Kitchenaid
‘Lemon Grove’ wallpaper on ice blue dyed silk with hand beading, de Gournay