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Interiors: Statement Ceilings to Look Up at for beautiful inspiration

Make a statement by going above and beyond these four walls with a beautiful ceiling motif

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By House & Garden South Africa | October 9, 2023 | Interiors

There are many clever ways to make a statement in your home, but many limit these to tabletop decor or artwork hanging on your walls. But, why not make a statement by looking up to your ceiling. Think about it, some of the world’s most beautiful buildings are awe-inspiring for their ceilings like the Vatican City’s Sistine Chapel, Westfield World Trade Centre in New York, or Zeitz MOCAA in Cape Town. Your ceiling deserves just as much of the decorative treatment as the other four walls, floors, and furniture, but it does require a certain degree of outside-of-the-box thinking. One on hand, a quick tip to creating a statement ceiling is to turn to a bold colour to pack a punch, or simply an accent colour to complement your four walls. On the other hand, a good place to start is to ask yourself, “What is the role of the ceiling in this space?”

Westfield World Trade Centre in New York, designed by architect Santiago Calatrava. Image via Pexels.

Wooden Slats

Wood is not just a great flooring material, it makes a great textural ceiling feature that is both sleek and unique. Wooden slats as a decorative ceiling create both a statement, but don’t feel too heavy nor make a room feel too dark. Some clever interior designers use wooden slats a lighting fixture that spans the total surface area of the ceiling. The ceiling acts as both a soft and semi-translucent skylight during the day, and a fully illuminated light at night.

Wooden slats can be both a decorative statement ceiling, or an airy light feature in a small room. Image via Pexels.

Wallpaper and Tiled Ceiling Feature

Who says wallpaper only exists for four walls? Applying wallpaper along your ceiling is a different take on the accent wall. Consider wallpapers that mimic the night sky, pressed ceilings, and fantasy-like landscapes. Lightly-coloured wallpaper (or ‘ceilingpaper’) will keep a simple room feeling light and airy, while a darker and busier wallpaper will create a bolder statement. A surprising place to start and get inspiration is to turn to some of the world’s most stunning mosques like the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi or the Blue Mosque in Turkey, where colour is at the forefront of the ceiling feature, but create a calming, sacred atmosphere.

Ornamental ceiling in Blue Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey. Image via Pexels.

Patterned Light Fittings

Pulling inspiration from vintage and antiquitous moulded ceilings, a patterned light fitting is a decorative feature that complements your lighting choice. If you already have a unique light fitting like a chandelier or lantern, consider a ceiling moulding or mural that accents the lighting itself. While original pressed ceilings are made of metal to prevent rusting, contemporary versions are manufactured from plaster.

A patterned ceiling that complements your light fittings is a unique statement piece to look up to. Image via Pexels.