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Dining Table Decor: 5 Tips for the Most Beautiful Table Layout

Spruce up your dinner table with well-planned and thought out colour themes and decorations

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By Architectural Digest Middle East  | September 21, 2023 | Kitchen

Edgardo Osorio, the man behind the fashionable Milanese tableware brand Aquazzura Casa, shares his secrets to memorable dinner table settings

Long before he launched a luxury tableware collection, shoe-designer to the stars Edgardo Osorio – the charming Italian behind Aquazzura – was known for his show-stopping dining table decor. “A beautifully laid dinner table is not just about having a meal,” he says. “It’s an act of love, showing your family and friends how much you care and how much their company means to you.”

Planning Makes Perfect

Decorating dining tables is an art and should be done with love and attention. “It's like wearing a beautiful outfit and it has just as much power of creating unforgettable memories,” he says. A stylish tablescape takes time and effort. Forward planning is essential, as is deciding your theme, which may or may not correspond to the food you serve; and that adds yet another layer of charm and intrigue. “Have confidence in your theme and just go for it!”

Long Dinner Tables Are Happy Dinner Tables

Luxuriously long tables allow for a canvas for creative expression: Lots of flowers in different sizes of vases and heights add dimension. Image via unsplash.

"I love long dining tables," says the designer. “It brings everyone together in one place, allowing guests to mingle, connect and chat!” Plus, it's the perfect, uninterrupted canvas for creative expression: Lots of flowers in different sizes of vases and heights add dimension. “My favourites are peonies, but I love bougainvillea just as much… printed linens, and colourful glasses, lots of candles, and always printed plates which instantly bring a dinner table to life.”

More Than blooms

Opt for alternative table decorations like colourful fruits and candles to pair with traditional floral decorations. Image via unsplash

“Other than flowers, I like to use fruits, as an essential decorative element, with its infinite variety of colors and shapes. I love using scented lemons for example, as they remind me of the Amalfi Coast, especially my beloved Capri. You can use them in so many ways to create eye-catching tablescapes. A simple, yet fresh and playful aesthetic that never runs out of style."

Let's Go Outside

Serving dinner ‘al fresco’ can create a magical mood for the evening. Image via unsplash

“For a special occasion, having a dinner table outside on a terrace or in garden, can be very magical,” says the designer, who, for the launch of the Aquazzura Casa collection in 2022, created visions of regal splendour with low tables, cushions layered on lush carpets and twinkling candles. The atelier's Jaipur line – with linen and porcelain decorated in a palette of cobalt blue, rose and burgundy, featuring prints of flowers and fruits – is sure to ignite inspiration for an al fresco get together.

Colour Is Key

There are many ways to bring colour to your dinner table via a vibrant table cloth, funky napkins, and layered tableware. Image via pexels

“Colour makes everyone happy,” Osorio believes. “I prefer to focus on a cheerful linen tablecloth; it immediately sets the tone for a less formal affair.” On this joyful backdrop, arrange plates featuring different prints, or, layer tableware in different colours but from the same collection or style. “I also love to do the same thing with glasses… combining different sets and shades. It adds depth and makes the table a lot more fun.”