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Save, Spend, Splurge: Dining Tables for Kitchens of Any Size

The right kitchen table for your space should be an appropriate size, style, and dare we say timeless

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By Kimberley Schoeman  | September 20, 2023 | Shopping

Realistically, your kitchen table should stay in your kitchen for five to ten years (or ideally longer). But that doesn’t always mean you have to compromise on quality or price. A good place to start when deciding on your choice of dining table — aside from your budget — is the role this table plays in your home. Consider if you like entertaining groups of guests, how many people you regularly seat at your table, and whether your table will be used as a workspace too.

Save: Betty Wooden Leg Dining Table From Decofurn

Even if minimalism isn’t your interior decor style, a super simple table can be the best foundation to build upon your own kitchen’s aesthetic. Especially if your budget for a kitchen table is smaller, opting for a more durable and eye-catching dining table is a great choice for a piece with longevity. Consider a table like the Betty Wooden Leg Dining Table from Decofurn. With its high gloss table-top and solid wood legs with adjustable feet, which give it added sturdiness for long-term use. This table is perfect for small spaces to seat at least four people, but does come in a larger dimension to seat more guests.

Save: Betty Wooden Leg Dining Table, R1,399-R1,799. Decofurn. Image: supplied

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Spend: Escarpment Table from Pedersen & Lennard

If you are searching for a work horse dining room table that you want to keep for a long time, then a solid wooden table is your best choice. A wooden table is not only super sturdy, but will age well if you spill or leave glass rings on the surface. If your budget gives you room to look at tables made from divine timber like oak, then the Pedersen Lennard Escarpment Table is a great locally-made dining table. The table’s rounder corners and gently tapered legs are almost sloping, just like a naturally-occuring escarpment.

Escarpment Table, R9, 200. Pedersen & Lennard. Image: supplied

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Splurge: The Roller Table from Acre Studio

Not all dining tables have to be long and rectangular. A round dining table is just as conducive to a dining experience steeped in socialising and exchanging glances from across the table. Also, a round dining table can be incredibly chic when materials in the base and table-top are contrasting, giving your table a slightly more creative edge. With that being said, if you choose for a more unique dining table option, be careful not to fall into trend-driven furniture. Acre Studio’s Roller Table is more of a splurge for the combination of materials and size. A solid base is combined with a colourful terrazzo top to create a unique centre piece for a kitchen or dining room.

The Roller Table, R20, 011. Acre Studio. Image: supplied

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