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Save, Spend, Splurge: Bedside Tables

Consider storage, style, and matching the height of your mattress when picking out a bedside table

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By Kimberley Schoeman  | September 12, 2023 | Shopping

Finding the perfect bedside table (or night-stand if you’re American), requires a lot of factors. You have to consider what you want to store and how much storage you need; the overall aesthetic of your bedroom, and the height of your mattress to align with your side table. Also consider how much space you have either between your bed and a wall or the rest of your bedroom, as this impacts the former deciding factors.

If you have a very tight space and require a surface for your lamp and cellphone, a good alternative to an entire bedside table is a milk stool, which can bring a Scandinavian style to your bedroom. But, no matter your budget we have three locally-available bedside tables that are small, but mighty.

Save: Georgie Bedside Table from Coal Interiors

If your bedroom looks rather plain, your choice of bedside table can steer you in the aesthetic direction you’d like to go. Adding a bedside table or two like the Georgie Bedside Table from Coal Interiors adds a modern touch with a slatted front door, that gives texture along with its brushed brass handle (which can age beautifully as it patinas). A bedside table like this offers ample storage for everyday or night essentials, books, a lamp, and alarm clock.

Georgie Bedside Table, R2,500, Coal Interiors. Image: supplied

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Spend: Geneva Pedestal from Coricraft

With a growing trend towards earthy neutral tones and meditative tranquillity in the bedroom, incorporating natural materials into your bedroom furniture brings the outside in. But the key to this in a bedside table is marrying style and function. For a slightly elevated bedside table option, the Geneva Pedestal from Coricraft is a great addition to a minimalist bedroom. While the surface and the cupboard offer ample storage, use the lower section of the table for storing boxes and hiding cables.

Geneva Pedestal, R3,899, Coricraft. Image: supplied

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Splurge: Yves Bedside Table from Vamp

If your bedroom aesthetic favours bold colours over neutral and soft touches, then your bedside tables are a great way to pack a punch. Yes your bedside table should provide a helping hand in storing personal items and frame your bed, but it can be extension of your personality too. For an art-deco style bedside table, the Yves Bedside Table from Vamp Furnitures combines clean lines and rounded edges. The top is an oak veneer, the open shelf covered with glass has room to display objects and books, and a deep drawer store everything else with a hole in the back for your charging cable.

Yves Bedside Table, R7850, Vamp Furniture. Image: supplied

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