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Inside the tailor made V888 kitchen

Formitalia collaborates with luxury British automaker Aston Martin to create a timelessly stylish kitchen space

By Amy Saunders  | June 12, 2019 | Category

Producer of luxury furniture and accessories Formitalia And Aston martin have created an elegant kitchen which is the first of its kind that represents a unique, rich and diversified context of total living.

The handmade V888 kitchen was designed to be able to meet any need in terms of space, form, dimension and colour with its cutting-edge technology and ultramodern space solutions. Take a look at a few of the memorable features about the kitchen below.


The V888 Kitchen Island

This island is made of grey Pulpis marble and features a remote-controlled countertop made of Canaletto walnut. The lower part of the island has sides upholstered in Cuoio leather and lacquered storage drawers detailed with leather. This island includes an induction Gaggenau cooktop with TFT touch display and a cooking sensor to control the temperature.

The Back Cabinet

Aston Martin’s V888 Kitchen features a spacious wall cabinet made of Canaletto walnut and finished with Cuoio leather and lacquered doors. The wall cabinet includes a Gaggenau refrigerator and wine cellar made of stainless steel and finished with white LED spot lighting and a TFT touch display.

The Bar &Pantry Cabinet

What adds additional charm to the V888 kitchen is its versatile pantry and bar. The area storage element and a space to welcome and entertain guests. The structure is made of Canaletto walnut, features two wide drawers, and a worktop made of Pulpis marble.

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