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The Mall of Africa House & Home Collective

From the living room floor to the kitchen counter, these items make the luxe lifestyle we love

By House & Garden South Africa | September 25, 2020 | Interiors

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Carpenter & Sons

Many of us have seen movies or read stories of rooms with secret exits or storage places and have secretly dreamed of having just such a place … But hardly imagined it to be practically possible!

Some have looked at an awkward space and wished for a cupboard that could close up the area, but still, move out of the way to provide access to space… But have not really considered it as a reality!

To these wonderful dreamers and visionaries, we present our SWINGAWAY units!

We can make you a bookshelf, display unit or cupboard that swings completely or in part away to reveal a secret room, doorway or storage space. Our units are designed to appear as complete integral units, with the swingaway sections locked securely with a remote activated electronic lock.

Upon activation of the remote, the swingaway section is released and the unit can be manually opened to gain access to whatever is behind. The swinging unit operates on a free-swinging steel frame that leaves no tell-tale marks on the floor or roof and gives wide access to your secret space.

Picture: JN Cube Diffuser

A whole new world

Our carpets show versatility in design, function, and colour and that’s what makes them so special. Persian rugs are opulent and extravagant, but they can also be affordable, practical, and durable.


AMC is a leading supplier of quality cookware, kitchenware and tableware. We offer a lifetime guarantee on our cookware and excellent customer service.

JN Cube

Taking you on a journey of scents inspired in South Africa and curated by African perfumers. Our diffusers are made to suit various moods of a home to create various experiences in the home to suit or alter the desires result. We are a proud black owned brand.


Yuppiechef was founded in 2006 by two good friends and only thirty-two products in a lounge in Plumstead, Cape Town. More than a decade later, our simple goal remains: To offer you the best kitchen and home products—and to be the very best at doing it.

Yuppiechef emerged out of co-founder Shane Dryden's love for cooking and cool kitchen tools. Way back then the world was getting hooked on Jamie Oliver and the Masterchef television series; we were all learning the difference between ceviche and sous-vide, and we struggled to pronounce "quinoa." Every kitchen was fast becoming 'open-plan' and cooking was finally something for the whole family to enjoy. New Yorker magazine even made the bold statement that, "the kitchen was the man’s new shed."

We launched Yuppiechef to join in this revolution and to make available, for the first time in South Africa, the products and brands that people were seeing on television, but couldn’t always easily get hold of.

We wanted to empower our customers to feel that even if all they could successfully make in their kitchen was a tomato sandwich, at least they could enjoy preparing it with a decent German knife, and serving it proudly on an on-trend slate board. Tools and ingredients don’t turn ordinary people into a Gordon Ramsay, but they can certainly inspire and motivate us to cook and share meals together—and that has always been our ultimate mission as a company.

Today, Yuppiechef is South Africa's premier kitchen and homeware store, stocking 700 of the world's leading brands. From knives, cookware and appliances - to soft furnishings, craft spirits and the finest food ingredients; we've tried, tested and sourced the best quality products we can find, for you—people who really care about cooking, entertaining and hosting at home. Yuppiechef, Upper Level, Mall of Africa. Tel: 010 446 7712.

Zara Home Décor

Our selection of stylish decorative items and occasional furniture for your home. Metal, wooden and marble coffee tables are a practical and elegant choice for decorating your living room. Add a touch of style with original table lamps, candlesticks, tealight holders and decorative candles. The wall and stand-up mirrors are perfect for making rooms appear bigger. Choose from large, round, oval and square mirrors. Original and elegant decorative ornaments, ashtrays and vases will make your home unique. Indulge in excellent textiles for your home: rugs, curtains and decorative cushions that combine style and quality. Zara Home, Upper Level, Mall of Africa. Tel: 010 020 2837.

H&M Home

Create your own interior design dream with items from our H&M home collection! Whether you are looking for a fresh look for your living room, kitchen or your bathroom, the H&M Home collection offers it all. Choose your favourite additions to your interior and assemble them easily at home, if needed.

The products within the H&M Home assortment are for indoor use only. All seats are tested to be used by one person. The products are not to be used for children or be displayed in a kidsroom, and are only intended to be used according to the product type. For example, tables are not to be used as a chair. H & M Home, Lower Level, Mall of Africa. Tel: 0860 690 707.