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RECIPE: The best luxurious fish pie with cheesy mash

Seafood lovers, this pie is such a great winter warmer treat

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By House & Garden South Africa | April 2, 2023 | Recipes

A velvety creamy sauce packed with lemon and herbs enrobes the mixed seafood in this Luxurious fish pie with cheesy mash. This is the perfect recipe to make when you want to impress and for a special occasion.

To make this luxury fish pie use a combination of at least two types of fish and vary this according to what is seasonally and sustainably available. Add shellfish to make it more luxe but it is equally as nice with only fish. If you omit the prawns, just add more salmon/trout.

I like a combination of smoked fish and white fish and if I’m trying to be extra fancy, salmon or salmon trout (more affordable sustainable and readily available).

A British fish pie is one of my ultimate dishes and Jamie Oliver’s fantastic fish pie is a firm family favourite around here. His recipe calls for hard-boiled eggs which is a British classic and you can of course add it to this fish pie recipe if you prefer. A large handful of baby spinach leaves or peas could work too.

Want to know more? You can visit Drizzle and Dip for the full ingredient list and recipe so you can make it on your own!


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