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This Delicious Frozen Coffee with Amarula is 2024’s South African Summer Cooler

Make this easy frozen coffee cocktail to combat the summer heat

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By House & Garden South Africa | January 18, 2024 | Recipes

This Whipped Coffee Cocktail with a South African twist — originally designed by Expresso Show’s Thando Manyoni — is sure to make a splash at your next braai or garden party. The best part about this coffee cocktail recipe is that it is easy to make and contains ingredients you already have in your kitchen. This cocktail recipe only takes 20 minutes to make before freezing for 2-3 hours before serving in your favourite cocktail glasses.

If this Frozen Coffee with Amarula seems familiar, not only is it an ice-cream-free version of the iconic Dom Pedro, this recipe is reminiscent of the 2020 iced instant coffee trend that used only three ingredients: Instant coffee, sugar and water whisked together to produce a creamy, frothy mixture either served over ice or warm milk. But the twist comes with the cocktail twist in the form of milk infused with Amarula, the luxuriously creamy liquor.

Here’s how to make it this summer:


For the ice cubes:

4 Tbsp Jacobs Kronung Freeze Dried Instant Coffee

4 tsp sugar

For the Amarula milk:

1 ½ cup milk

½ tsp vanilla essence

60ml Amarula

For the whipped coffee:

2 Tbsp hot water

2 Tbsp Freeze Dried Instant Coffee

2 Tbsp honey


1. For the coffee ice cubes, combine the coffee and sugar in a jug and add 2 cups of water. Stir to dissolve.

2. Pour the coffee into an ice cube tray. Place the tray in the freezer for 2+ hours or until frozen.

3. Combine the milk, vanilla essence and Amarula in a jug.

4. In a bowl, combine the hot water, coffee and honey. Whisk with an electric beater or whisk until frothy.

5. Once the coffee cubes have frozen, place a generous amount of ice cubes in two mugs, top with the Amarula milk and spoon over the whipped coffee.

6. Stir gently and enjoy!