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This expensive delicacy is making a major comeback thanks to this TikTok star

Caviar is an age-old favourite but it’s gotten some buzz with younger audiences with a little help from social media

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By Alyxandra Carolus | March 16, 2023 | Recipes

Caviar, is touted one of the most luxurious delicacies around. Also known as roe, this popular garnish is traditionally defined as fish eggs harvested from sturgeons, a species that’s often found on the coastlines of Europe. Depending on where you’re getting it from, caviar can run up to thousands of dollars. Recently, it’s been getting a lot more attention as TikTok creator, @dzaslavsky or Danielle Matzon has been sharing her caviar as a snack recipe.

It’s a pricey bite to have, but Danielle is also part of a family that owns and supplies caviar around the world. Her family owns Marky’s, and has been selling caviar for decades. Her luxurious seafood snack combinations have gotten millions of views, from caviar with caviar butter to trying this delicacy on a Dorito. Her content is a big part of #snacktok and #caviartok - with plenty of people trying her viral snacks (albeit on a far smaller budget)


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But while it’s making a comeback, the price is still a factor. Although caviar is no longer wild caught and the current supply in the global market is from farmed sturgeon species. The price has gone down a bit, but expect to shell out if you’d like to try the premium stuff. For example, the Marky’s beluga hybrid imperials starts at $200 (over R3 600) to over $3 600 (just over R67 000!)

Alternatively, if it’s a bit tough to get your hands on some caviar - you could just enjoy salmon roe which is usually more readily available.