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Gift Guide: Get your mother something she loves with these simple gift ideas

With Mother’s Day in the not too far future, here’s some ideas to spark inspiration

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By Alyxandra Carolus | March 17, 2024 | Gift Guide

Mother's Day is a special occasion to show our appreciation and love for the incredible women in our lives. But finding a gift that truly reflects your gratitude and admiration can sometimes be challenging. Check out this selection of thoughtful, unique gift ideas that are perfect for celebrating Mother's Day and making your mom feel truly special.

Book a group activity or head to a restaurant

A fun group activity is one way to spend some quality time together and learn a new skill. You can choose between floral design, ceramics or even a cooking class. It’s also great for large groups if you want to spoil several moms in your family or friend group. But if no one feels up to doing something, pick a fine dining restaurant to go to and splurge for the special day.

Go looking for a locally made wallet or bag

If your mom has been using the same handbag for ages and needs a refresh, it might be time to get her a new one she loves. Scour vintage shops or simply support a local designer she might have had her eye on.

A cookbook filled with recipes and new ideas for the kitchen

If your mom loves cooking or simply wants to expand her culinary skills, a cookbook from her favourite chef or food content creator might be a nice idea. It’s not limited to one topic, you can choose from books around architecture, history or any of her niche interests. Books are excellent references to look back at and make for a nice coffee table book or add it to one of the shelves in home.

Put together a basket of local fruits and vegetables

You can’t go wrong with some high-quality ingredients for the home. Whether your mom loves to experiment in the kitchen or to visit more speciality shops, this is one way to treat her and get all the niche ingredients she’s had on her list. Alternatively, if she has a sweet tooth, get all her favourite chocolates and gourmet treats.

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