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5 super simple ways to elevate your standard brunch mimosa

The retro drink is getting an upgrade.

By Vogue US | July 16, 2021 | Travel Leisure

If mimosas have had the tendency to evoke nothing but bad memories of lunches gone wrong, you may have left this old-school combo in the back of your mind. But in 2021, we're experiencing a boozy brunch renaissance, and we simply can't skip the classics—after all, a G&T before noon doesn't quite have the same appeal.

Mimosas—yes, those once-shabby breakfast cocktails—are back on the table. But if you're a little fatigued by the idea, read on for some simple tips on how to elevate this forgotten classic. After all, champagne? Juice? It's a match made in heaven, too good to go to waste.

Think beyond orange

Even if you're not a huge fan of OJ there's no need to opt out altogether. Instead, reach for something else to add to your champagne. Something sweet like mango nectar juice is great, or reach for some pomegranate juice if you're after something more tart—there are no rules!

Consider your glassware

In 2021, we do not settle for subpar glassware. Make every sit-down champagne experience is something special with the addition of a delicate coupe or some vibrant flutes. We love these tinted numbers by Maison Balzac.

Just add kombucha

On top of its many, many health benefits, kombucha also tastes delicious in conjunction to champagne. Being a healthier choice, this one is a great option for those who prefer their calories to come in the form of carbs.

Garnish till your heart's content

If you have a vested interest in the aesthetics of your tablescape, or you simply want to take your mimosas to the next level, add a garnish. Traditionally, these drinks don't really come with any, but we love throwing berries, peach slices or even a sprig of rosemary—depending on your juice of choice, of course. Something so simple can bring this classic drink into this decade.

Turn it into punch

Punch is officially back in 2021 and it's getting a much more luxe upgrade. Simply mix a bottle of Duperrey Premier Cru Brut with some juice of choice and a heap of diced up fruit over ice for a drink that your guests can keep on coming back for.

Written by Pema Bakshi.

This originally appeared on Vogue Living Australia.