Words by Zeenat Mowzer


Cooking for a family every day can become a monotonous and time-consuming activity. However, Whirlpool’s JetChef microwave oven will make your experience in the kitchen one of sheer culinary pleasure. Using this appliance, you can easily prepare tasty meals with the mastery of a professional chef, quicker than you would imagine.


For instance, a delicious thin crust pizza made in the JetChef will be ready to eat in merely eight minutes, when using the distinct crisp feature. Such functionality is made possible by Whirlpool’s 6TH SENSE technology, which instinctively identifies and selects a suitable cooking programme and time. Since the microwave operates with pre-programmed recipes, you won’t be left guessing how to whip up top-notch dishes.



In addition, the JetChef is highly versatile and has thus been dubbed a ‘kitchen-in-a-box’. It will be your go-to kitchen companion for tasks such as grilling, baking or steaming. Baking with the microwave, for one, is a piece of cake thanks to intelligent sensors. These devices automatically track and alter the microwave’s energy output, guaranteeing a uniform spread of heat for the duration of the food preparation procedure.


To treat your family to more nourishing cuisine, opt for the steaming feature. Science has shown that the nutrients and texture of your food will be conserved when steamed, instead of being made by means of other conventional techniques. Given that, your loved ones won’t be deprived of the all-important ingredients needed to boost their health. Meals with vegetables and fish in particular, will emerge from the microwave beautifully done.


Featured Image: Jessica Lewis, Unsplash