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Tasty treats with a cause

Gluten-free foods are definitely not flavourless experiences

By Amy Saunders  | June 28, 2021 | Travel Leisure

Picture: Gluten-free double chocolate brownie by Down with Dough.

The gluten-free movement has grown over the years and many unaffected by gluten don’t really know much about it. So basically, gluten is a protein found in many grains used to make foodie favourites such as pasta and pizza as well as basics like bread and cereal. There is nothing generally bad about gluten, however, gluten provides no essential nutrients and people with celiac disease have an immune reaction that is triggered by eating gluten.

This is where Down with Dough comes in. Down with Dough is a non-profit organisation based in Durbanville, Western Cape, that is creating opportunities for young adults with intellectual disabilities through baking. Their exclusive, gluten-free bakery is where they train and develop them in preparation for employment.

Founder of Down with Dough Lynne Rutherfoord shared, “When Joshua, our son with Down syndrome, left his special needs school we couldn’t find any suitable establishments in the Northern region of Cape Town. Driving to Cape Town daily was not an option. So the necessity arose to start a training and development centre for young adults equipping them for the workplace.”

Through various assessments within their bakery and exposure to different work environments, the Down with Dough adults follow a curriculum and prepare for a workplace where they will contribute to society in a meaningful way and build their independence and feelings of.

We were lucky enough to tase a few of the delicious treats from the Down with Dough kitchen and our recommendations are the gluten-free double chocolate brownie, the spiced blondie and definitely the coconut and banana bread. For more information on Down with Dough or to support the team you can visit them on Instagram @downwithdough_za.