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Watch: Inside Bridgerton Producer Shonda Rhimes’s Strikingly Regal New York City Apartment

The sprawling Upper East Side abode was suitably designed by former White House interior designer and AD100 star Michael S. Smith

By Architectural Digest US | March 28, 2022 | Video

Filled with favourite books and paintings by Black artists including Hughie Lee-Smith and Walter Henry Williams Jr., the residence pays homage to its NYC location. But one can’t help but feel a touch of Regency-era London as well. “I had been immersed in the romanticism of Bridgerton for a while, so that had to influence some of the things that I had been thinking about,” Rhimes acknowledges. “Everything sort of spills into everything else. If I’m thinking about these books that we’re turning into a series, then that inevitably spills into how the apartment’s going to look, which inevitably spills into what goes in the scripts—it all sort of spins together.”

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Written by Emil Wilbekin

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