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WATCH: Inside Summer Thornton’s maximalist home filled with colour & pattern

Interior designer Summer Thornton gives us an exclusive tour of her maximalist family home in Naples, Florida

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By Amy Saunders | December 3, 2021 | Video

The House & Garden December 2021/January 2022 Summer Edition Issue is out and all about beautiful and bold decor, gourmet grilling & alfresco dining and, as always, the latest in design, shopping and style.

On pages 62 to 69, you will find our ‘Some Like it Hot’ feature where Editor in Chief, Piet Smedy, takes us on a magical tour of interior designer Summer Thornton’s Naples, Florida home. Thornton is a self-confessed maximalist who is passionate about colour and pattern.

“I truly feel that with more pattern and colour, the design gets richer and more layered. It is the difference between a quartet and an orchestra; you can create more emotion with greater variety.”, shared Thornton.

Watch the full house tour below and don’t forget to pick up your House & Garden Summer Edition issue or purchase your digital copy here.