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Q&A with designer Liam Mooney

Cape Town-based interior and furniture designer Liam Mooney chats about his feature at the upcoming Design Joburg show

By Gugulethu Mkhabela  | May 8, 2018 | Category

Cape Town-based interior and furniture designer Liam Mooney chats about his feature within the CoLabs section of the upcoming Design Joburg Show , presented in collaboration with Fired Earth Paint. For the show, Liam Mooney is creating a bibliophiles home library .


What are you known for?

I’d like to think people know me for being fun to work with and for creating good work that was created caringly.


Tell us a little more about what aspect of what you do really excites you? 

I enjoy creating little ‘worlds’ with my interiors. Spaces that have depth, tell a story and challenge people slightly.


What do you see as the ultimate trend right now? 

Ignoring trends.


What do you consider to be the worst trend ever? 

Following trends – such a waste of money.

What are you planning for your CoLab at Design Joburg? 

A bibliophiles home library and everything that comes with that. Think a writing den for a Tom Stoppard type of character.


What would you consider to be the highlight of your CoLab stand that would make visitors want to visit it?

It’s going to tell a story about the kind of person that lives in it – not merely a show stand. There will be a narrative that will engage visitors I hope.

What brands will you be working with on your CoLab stand? 

I’ll be featuring some of my own furniture designs as well as pieces by designer-maker Andrew Dominic. Lighting will be by several leading European brands courtesy of Crema. My floors are by Traviata whilst American Shutters will be adding to the architecture of my CoLab feature with their beautiful shutters.

What are you coveting right now for your own home? 

A Superleggera chair by Gio Ponti – it’s so delicate you basically can’t sit in it, but I just want to look at it – it’s like sculpture. That and a Curial chair by Rick Owens, but I suspect I will never be able to afford that one…

Give us your one best piece of interior design or architectural advice. 

A truly great interior is not something to be rushed or is something that will ever be finished, enjoy the process of creating rather than chasing an outcome. This is a difficult philosophy to imbue in clients sometimes but it’s always more fun when you focus on the journey and not the destination.

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