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7 on-trend updates to make to your home this winter

Two interiors experts at Domayne share their insight into what’s trending for winter 2021 and how you can easily incorporate them into your home

By Vogue US | July 14, 2021 | Category

Picture: Unsplash

Even if you’ve been enjoying glorious autumn days where the sun still shines but the air is crisp, it’s inevitable that the days will start to become cooler and shorter as we descend into winter. If you haven’t yet pulled out your heater or thrown an extra blanket on top of your bed, you will soon. But extra heat and insulation aren’t the only updates your home needs for winter—there are myriad small and often inexpensive ways to welcome the new season into your living space.

From switching out your summer-weight textiles for something warmer and cosier, to incorporating more earth tones in your interiors—we chat to two of Domayne’s resident experts to find out how to make those updates, stat.

1. Think cosy

“Cosy textiles and relaxed designs for maximum comfort” are trending this season, says Stephanie Canturi-Warren, Domayne’s national digital marketing and senior photography coordinator. “Consumer lifestyles have changed [since] the pandemic, and there has been a shift to creating a sanctuary at home using nature-inspired colours and materials.” And don’t forget your floors, too. “If you have tiled, hardwood or concrete floors, rugs are an easy and effective way to cosy-up your home in winter,” adds Vesna Vasilevski, who works in Domayne’s product development team across decorations and manchester. This extends to all areas of the house, too. “Bed and bathroom ranges focus on bringing comfort and reassurance via earth-inspired colours, natural references and an overall hand-crafted touch.”

2. Consider custom designs

Canturi-Warren also highlights a huge trend towards furniture customisation, “which allows an interactive design process that lets the customer design their piece their way while supporting local, Australian-made businesses.” It’s a win-win for everyone. Indeed, the push to think “small and smart” was one of the main design principles for Domayne’s winter 2021 collection. “Add value, functionality and personalisation to your space with products that utilise modular design and integrated intelligence,” says Vasilevski.

3. Make a statement

“We can see customers gravitating to large statement homewares such as wall art and lighting to refresh their home and create an on-trend atmosphere,” says Canturi-Warren. “Ceramics emerge as a key material for furniture and lighting, [making a statement] with impressively sculptural designs” adds Vasilevski. “As the home becomes even more of a sanctuary, rudimentary styles will continue to influence product design, giving furniture and lighting a homely, hand-sculpted appeal.” Vasilevski suggests looking for “chunky pebble-like shapes in designs, focusing on handmade imperfection and rough-hewn finishes.”

And despite the lockdown on international travel (New Zealand excepted), people are finding new ways to make their home more exotic. “There’s a large focus on fragrances for the home, with an increased demand for homely scents or scents that create a sense of escapism to international destinations,” shares says Canturi-Warren.

4. Use small items to make a big impact

Updating your home needn’t break the budget—“you can easily update your existing pieces, such as your lounge or bed, by adding touches of smaller embellishments like vases, throws or cushions,” shares Canturi-Warren. “Keep colour palettes natural, earthy and inspired by the elements,” adds Vasilevski, “and go for tactile, yet warm materials such as shearling, faux fur, wood and stone.”

5. Upgrade your creature comforts

With 2020’s stay-at-home orders, many people no doubt sought to stock up on home office items like desks and office chairs. This year, Domayne has seen a shift towards upgrading those big ticket items, perhaps in lieu of international travel. “Consumers are searching more for comfort items, and upgrading their mattresses and lounges, as well as investing in outdoor furniture for a sense of escapism at home,” adds Canturi-Warren. This season though, the mantra is minimalism. “Embrace simplicity as a restorative luxury by designing better basics,” says Vasilevski. “Focus on streamlining the use of materials, colours and construction processes with a balanced blend of tradition and technology.”

6. Switch up your soft furnishings

This mostly applies to your bedding, as the focus for winter is warmth and refuge. “Earthy tones combined with geometric shapes and tactile textures” are key, says Canturi-Warren. She also suggests looking to luxury hotels as inspiration, which offer bedding designs in muted greys, navy and taupes. And for winter, think: more is more, as you combine “multiple textures, patterns and pillow sizes to create the ultimate cosy haven,” she continues. “Bedrooms will become sanctuaries for physical and mental wellbeing,” says Vasilevski. “Create designs that offer a sense of escape from challenging times, using clever patterns or shapes.

7. Look for longevity

Similar to the push for more locally-made furniture to support Australian businesses, this season sees a trend towards design that will last. “Timelessness and classic design will appeal to consumer tastes for nostalgia, with sophisticated colours and materials,” says Vasilevski. With sustainability increasingly at the forefront of people’s minds, making informed and more considered shopping choices will soon become the norm.

Written by Yeong Sassall.

This article originally appeared on Vogue Living Australia.