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Are you looking for some summer inspiration? The House & Garden SA team has you covered with fresh and fabulous summer vibes

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By Kimberley Schoeman  | August 18, 2023 | Trends

Ready to hop on a plane to a sun-soaked destination? Then look no further than this week’s edition of Double Tap where the team at House & Garden SA pull their favourite Instagram posts for summer inspiration.

Stroke of sun

“This summer, expect to find me far, far away from the maddening crowds. I’m fleeing the city, avoiding tourist traps, and ditching the usual itineraries. Instead, I’ll be chasing the sun to a more unexpected destination: the desert. Give me sweltering silence, bone dry vistas, and mercury readings that leave me at fever pitch.

Legendary American photographer Clifford Coffin would have agreed with me. In 1946 he took this picture for Vogue, demonstrating just how beautiful barren landscapes can be - especially if you have a high-octane aesthetic to match.” ― Edwain Steenkamp, Decor Editor

Dreaming of Denmark

“Copenhagen is one of my favourite cities to travel to. But one of my all time favourite spots is Atelier September for their minimal approach to delicious and nutritious dishes and natural wines. Call me hipster, but I’m obsessed with Scandinavian design, and all I want is a place like Atelier September in South Africa... or a plane ticket to Denmark.” ― Kimberley Schoeman, Online Content Producer

La Dolce Vita!

“The Amalfi Coast has been on my bucket list for the longest period of time. Those varying shades of ocean blue, the rocky shores and beautifully laid daybeds to lounge about on are my way of spending the perfect summer. I may run for the shade, but I love being surrounded by beautiful scenery.” ― Yashna Balwanth, Acting Editor-in-Chief

Earning brownie points

“I am terrible when it comes to being in the kitchen. If I could I would live off salad and coffee, the thought of every night having to do a full cooked meal is daunting on me. However when it comes to baking I am not shy to get my hands 'dirty' with delicious flavour and coming up with new ingredients. This 3 ingredient brownie captured my immediate attention while scrolling mindlessly on my feed and I cannot wait to try it!” ― Vine Lucas, Digital Campaign Manager