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Our predicted top 10 trend forecast is here for 2023 - here's what we think

The year 2022 is almost over and we are eagerly anticipating what’s to come in the following months. These are our predicted top 10 design trends to be on the lookout for in 2023

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By Yashna Balwanth | October 21, 2022 | Trends

1. The use of local resources with more sustainable designing

While it seems that ‘sustainability’ is some sort of buzzword and a way to stay relevant, the truth is we as a generation are moving towards a cleaner and greener future with design and our homes. The shifted focus to local resources and local production is one, with the use of recycled material as another. These conscious changes being made by brands and individuals are a way to ensure there is a future for our generations to come, so we say welcome to more sustainable designing!

2. Spa-like sanctuaries within your own home

Our home became our sanctuary when the pandemic was at its peak, and with that we began to invest a lot more time, money and effort into our home space. While things feel like we are returning to a stage of pre-pandemic feels, our home has become our safe space from the world, with calming interiors, a relaxed environment and spa-like qualities. Whether you are investing in that luxury bathtub or installing an outdoor shower, it seems keeping your home as your wellness space continues to trend in 2023.

3. Nature will always be in season

The rise of the plant parent grows in abundance as millennials and Gen-z’s continue to embrace being a plant owner with open arms. From hanging ferns to great monstera leaves, orchids and more, these pops of greenery fill our home spaces with plenty of life and literal breaths of fresh air. Not only are plants on trend for 2023, but they are in line with our more is more era as we continue to embrace our green fingers.

This Jungalow sunroom is a great space for flourishing greenery with hanging plants, monsteras and more, Photograph: Jenna Peffley

4. Micro-luxury is taken to the max

With more people moving into smaller spaces, be it for practicality reasons or saving on costs, this trend focuses on glamorous interiors for a smaller space, such as the guest toilet, a smaller kitchen or just the corner of a room. While there are still cost saving items used in conjunction with super expensive ones, the overall mix leaves the impression of an ultra glam space that takes luxury to the max on a much smaller scale.

5. Arches and curves from architecture to furniture design

Curves in furniture design, archways and decor have been known to add a certain softness to the space, helping create more conversation and allowing a person to feel more relaxed and more at home. This may be a direct response to the minimal movement with straight lines in very stark colours, however the curved era is upon us. Embrace the design with simpler colours, textured fabrics and all your personality possible.

The rounded furniture along with curved home decor items add a softness to the home, Photograph: Elsa Young

6. Japandi is still here and gaining momentum

Put simply, Japandi is the fusion of Japanese aesthetic with Scandinavian design, giving us the perfect mix of minimal, efficient but still beautiful and warm. Lots of natural elements are used such as rattan and bamboo alongside earthy colour palettes and darker elements to provide a contrast. The trend Japandi comes about to offer the ideal mix that gives us simple yet effective design in an uncluttered way with bits of personality throughout the space.

7. Colour is back - bolder than ever

The neutral paints for overall walls seem to be reaching their expiry date with colour coming back bigger and bolder than ever. If Benjamin Moore’s colour of the year ‘Rasberry Blush’ for 2023 is anything to go by, that can only mean the market is ready for punchier looks in our home, not being afraid to experiment with a bit of colour and pushing those boundaries as to what is accepted for wall paints.

Go bold with your colour choice and carry it throughout the room accented with complimenting shades, Photograph: Thomas Loof

8. Thrifting is not just for second-hand furniture

Thrifting has become a new favourite hobby for so many. Whether you are shopping for accent decor pieces, clothing or furniture, thrifting is thriving in this day and age. Adding in quirky pieces to your home with a flea market find adds great visual interest to your space as well as a little history. Thrifting is also a great way to be eco-friendly by re-using existing pieces than buying brand new.

9. Cluttercore is a thing

Matching chairs and perfectly unified dinner sets are no longer the best ways to style your home. Mismatched plates, juxtaposed art and items that bring genuine happiness is probably the best way to explain what cluttercore really is. Being on the extreme end of minimalism and rather more closer to maximalism, cluttercore seems to be a well curated space with tons of personality that can only be described as organised chaos. This trend continues to gain momentum so certainly watch this space for more.

10. Indoor and outdoor become one

In an attempt to amalgamate our homes with the garden or patio area, locals are moving more into the indoor-outdoor living lifestyle and trying to make it as seamless as possible. Frameless retractable glass doors or softer furnishings for the patio are small ways of how our homes are becoming easily interchangeable from indoor to out.

This outdoor courtyard is completed with beautiful furniture, plants and accessories, Photograph: Karl Rogers