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6 Ways to create the perfect Summer Home experience

Staycation also applies to taking time to enjoy summer days in the comfort of your home

By Amy Saunders | September 28, 2021 | Diy

Staycations have been one of 2021’s biggest travel trends, from staying in the most lavish Airbnbs in the city to travelling to luxurious gated escapes with the promise of isolation and privacy.

But you don’t necessarily need to leave the comfort of your home when it’s time for a much needed break. Below we have listed a few helpful tips on how to experience the perfect summer at home.

Keep things cool

There are three different ways you can maintain a comfortably cool indoor temperature all summer long.

Keep the curtains shut: Draw the curtains during the hottest part of the day to help prevent the summer sun from overheating your indoor retreat. Blackout curtains and shades can be useful allies in blocking out sunlight and keeping the temperature at a comfortable level. Of course, once the evening has rolled around, you can open the curtains and take in another spectacular summer sunset.

Circulate the air: Circulating the air can make all the difference when it comes to maintaining a pleasant indoor atmosphere. While turning on the air conditioner may keep you cool for a while, it’s important to keep the chilled air flowing if you want to feel comfortable and refreshed at all times. If you home has air conditioning options consider the LG ThinQ app which provides a Fresh Air Mode allowing you to turn all your connected air conditioners, ceiling fans and air purifiers on at once.

Be smart and switch off: Although it will stop the temperature from rising, running appliances non-stop will also land you with some unsightly electricity bills. So, once you’re cool and comfy, it’s definitely a good idea to switch off for a while.

Get your home entertainment lined up

Tend a Home-Garden: Bring nature inside with some gorgeous summer flower arrangements or set up an indoor garden and try your hand at growing your own greens. Besides adding some colour to your indoor environment, having more plants inside the home helps to boost air quality and delivers a welcome cooling effect.

Take up a Healthy Hobby: Exercising outdoors during the height of summer may not be the best idea, so what better time to start training at home? Yoga and Pilates both provide a great work-out, and they don’t require a lot of equipment or space either. A daily 20-minute session will do wonders for your health and help you to feel relaxed and ready for all the summer has to offer.

Watch a Great Movie: Once the sun has gone down and the temperature has cooled off a little, it’s a great time to get comfy on the couch and put on a good movie. But with so many to choose from and so little time to browse through an endless list of titles, there’s a better way to get straight to the content you’re bound to love. Smart TVs such as LG AI TV or Samsung Neo QLED are able to make movie suggestions based on your tastes and preferences and can be controlled effortlessly through simple voice commands, which means choosing your next show can be as refreshing as a cool summer’s breeze.