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The best curtains to get and how to drape them

Curtains can elevate your living space without having to go full reno

By Amy Saunders  | September 9, 2021 | Category

Picture: Unsplash
Picture: Unsplash

From smart storage solutions to adding a fresh coat of paint, there are a number of easy ways to update your interior without having to plan a complete renovation and perhaps simultaneously, burn a hole in your pocket.

By simply changing your curtain colour, texture and style you can elevate your living space without having to go full reno. Before you purchase your next set, there are a few technical matters you need to give some thought to.

First, decide if your new tone will match or contrast your existing colour scheme. Next, if any, how much natural light do you want to fill the room? Are you going completely blockout? And finally, taking measurements is vital. You will need to have your floor to ceiling measurements as well as the window width. Once you have ticked all these boxes, you will be good to go.

According to interior designer and Queer Eye star, Bobby Berk there are three simple guidelines to follow when hanging your curtains.

1. Always mount the curtain rod at ceiling height and make sure your rod isn’t too narrow.

2. The curtain rod must extend beyond your window frame.

3. Choose curtains that extend all the way to the floor.

Now that we’ve got that down, here are a few of our favourite curtain picks to inspire your new look.

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