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3 Amazing bedroom ideas to inspire your next renovation

A few must-see ideas for your next bedroom renovation

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By Kauthar Gool | June 19, 2023 | Bedroom

Bedroom trends are ever-changing and finding an appropriate look to suit your space can be quite challenging. You may want to try a maximalist aesthetic, or have your place looking less cluttered with a more minimalist look prevailing throughout.

There are so many decisions to make regarding hues, textures, and more that it may be quite an overwhelming period in your life. If you’re looking for tips for the perfect bedroom interior, we have the best pointers for you.

Make your bedroom your own. Image: Pexels

1. When unsure, go neutral

The colour of your bedroom plays a significant role in the atmosphere therein. Should you want a warmer aesthetic in your space – deep reds, browns, and sandy beige could work. However, if you’d like your bedroom feeling more peaceful and airy, neutrals, such as grey, taupe, or plaster pink could be amazing. Try a few swatches to ensure you select a shade that suits your taste and the atmosphere you want to engulf yourself in.

2. Chic DIY dressing tables

If you’d like your room to look unique, maybe consider having DIY bedside tables with distinctive patterns. This is a wonderful way to make the place your own and show off aspects of your personality. This is your space and you should always feel welcomed and comfortable therein.

3. Consider feng shui

Since there are diverse ways to decorate your space, it is important to not only consider the aesthetic, but also other aspects, such as symmetry, bed positioning, airflow, and storage. With many people working from home, a bedroom has become a makeshift office, and study area, not to mention a space for relaxation. Therefore, all these factors should be considered in your decor and placement of specific furnishings.