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Seven colours to help you create a stress-free home

Using the right paint colours in your home will give your body and mind positive vibrations

By Monica Gibson | January 13, 2020 | Interiors

The thought of overwhelming responsibilities at work could wreak havoc in your mind long after leaving your workplace. But is there a way to alleviate stress at home?

The good news is that you can keep your stress levels low by painting your indoors with calming colours. You probably have never thought about this, but using the right paint colours in your home will give your body and mind positive vibrations and increase happiness.

Here are seven colours to consider when painting rooms in your home:

Soft yellow

Many people associate the colour yellow with summer, the season when we let loose and enjoy life. In your darkest days, therefore, this color will bring back your lively and energetic self. It refreshes your mind and makes you happy. 

Yellow makes your interiors appear more spacious than they actually are, which is a good thing because spacious rooms mean better air circulation and by extension, increased freshness. 

However, you should avoid painting your bedroom walls with pale yellows as it is not as effective as soft yellow. Some people actually report that besides soft and bright yellows, other shades of yellow gives them headaches.


If you are considering redecorating your home, blue is a great option due to its soothing potential. Many people swear that the color helps them sleep well at night when they paint it in their bedrooms. But even with that, it will help if you would stick to soft and neutral shades of blue as bright tones can be too stimulating for a bedroom.

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If you are considering kitchen remodeling, blue might not be your ideal option. Colour psychologists advise that although blue is calming when painted in all other parts of the home, it can actually be stressful and unappetizing in relation to food. Choose a different colour for your dining rooms and kitchens.


Pink depicts love and friendship. It is a softer tone of red that has the potential to lighten up a room and soothe a busy mind. It is pleasing to the eye and cultivating to the soul. This colour reflects light evenly in a room and leaves the room looking contemporary, fresh, and spacious. Pink alleviates feelings of claustrophobia and stress, unlike colour red that exacerbates these feelings.

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People associate green with nature and outdoors. You will be soothed by it when stressed and it will comfort you when you are sad. Painting your interiors green is like bringing the garden, forest, park, backyard, and any other green outdoor spaces you can think of into the interiors.

Green actually boosts appetite, so it would be a great consideration during your next kitchen remodelling project. Note that lighter shades of green are more relaxing than the darker ones, even though all shades of green will leave a stressed mind feeling more chilled. Having as smooth as possible environment can also be beneficial in case you want to sell your home in the future. 

Because people, in general, prefer lighter colors, it is probable that once people come to visit your home will fall in love with the ambient. In case you wish to make a sale for sure, seek help for hiring a real estate agent, who will help you determine the best price for your home and help you find potential buyers.


Soothing as blue and energizing as red, Lavender is your colour if you want to make your home tranquil and calming. There is a reason why this colour is used in many yoga centers and meditation camps. And because lavender blends well with household fabric items such as curtains, carpets, and beddings, it will leave your interiors looking classy and modern.

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Grey isn’t as dull or boring as many people would imagine. Colour psychologists say that even though someone would easily relate grey with grey, cloudy skies, the color isn’t depressing at all. It is a perfect neutral color that can be very calming and relaxing when the right shade is used.


This goes without saying: White will never be a downer no matter the shade you choose. White always feels warm and welcoming.

As we have demonstrated, the power of colors for a stress-free environment at home should never be underestimated. What’s more, you can always create colour variations by blending multiple calming colours within a room. You can, for example, paint two walls white and another two walls lavender. You can even opt to paint each room in your home with its own unique colour.


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