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Study Spaces

Eight home offices that work as hard as you do

By Janet Prentice | August 19, 2016 | Category

Photograph: Micky Hoyle
Photograph: Micky Hoyle

Don’t get us wrong, we love co-offices but nothing beats the perks of well-planned home office. We’ve picked the smartest ones for every home space

The En-Suite

This nifty office is adjacent to the master bedroom, and can be closed off with sound proofed doors to ensure total privacy.

Photograph: Micky Hoyle

The Space-Saver

When space is limited, look for a small, comfortably empty nook where you can fit your desk. This study space beneath the stairs is a perfect example of how to use space creatively.

Photograph: Elsa Young

The Light and Bright

It is important to have great lighting in your home office. If possible, have a big window nearby to allow for natural light, as well as a few lamps for gloomier days.

Photograph: Elsa Young

The Loft

Utilising mezzanine levels in your home can create the extra space needed for your study. 

Photograph: Greg Cox

The Animal Lover

Having a home-based office is great when you have pets – they can keep you company while you work, and they won’t be alone for long periods of time. Avoid disaster by using cable organisers and making sure there are no cables hanging off your desk as temptation for your furry friends. 

Photograph: Dook

The Creative

A big table is a great asset to have in an office space if you are a creative. It provides a decent amount of space for working on layouts and artworks, while also allowing the room to double up as a meeting area. 

Photograph: Elsa Young

The Room with a View

If your home office has a big window, make sure to have your desk facing the window instead of a wall. This creates a better space for productivity and creativity. 

Photograph: Elsa Young

The Crafter

Vintage décor and cabinets, create an inspiring environment for the crafting enthusiast. A large desk provides ample space to spread out the necessary books and tools being used at any given time. Photograph: Elsa Young

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