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This is how you can get your home décor looking great this festive

We’re well into December and Christmas is right on our heels.

By Sacha van Niekerk | December 18, 2021 | Interiors

Whether you're hosting family these holidays or planning on throwing a party or dinner with friends, you might be interested in getting your home looking a little merrier.

Christmas decoration ideas:


A simple change, offering big results, hanging a wreath will help you get into the Christmas spirit.

With visitors coming and going for the holidays, you’ll want to get your home looking festive and this is an easy way to start your decor.

It’ll also add some cheerfulness to your neighbourhood. From eclectic with tons of baubles and ribbon to minimalist with pine cones and foliage, there are so many variations to match your style.


Lush green foliage hanging over mantels, shelves, tabletops and staircase railings is a classic and festive look.

Wedge pine cones, holly and candles (if it is on a flat surface) for some extra dimension and colour.

The green is symbolic of the holiday season and the foliage adds life and freshness to dowdy decor.


With their warm glow and ornate designs, candles are both functional and decorative, making them super ideal for adding cosiness and vibrancy to dull spaces.

If you’re hosting people these holidays, you can use candles to make your decor something a little more special by using tall, slender candles.

Vases of flowers and foliage look beautiful but they cost a pretty penny and can only really be used once (if they aren’t fake).

Place the candles across the length of the table in clusters for a grouped effect that will add more interest to the area. For a more elegant, upgraded look, wedge greenery or baby’s breath between the candles.

Sparkly lights

Twinkly tree lights are pretty much the hallmark when it comes to Christmas decor. However, there are so many ways to get creative with how you use them.

Nowadays, there are battery operated lights so you can place them pretty much anywhere without any tangled cords getting in the way.

Place them inside glass vases, nestle them among green foliage, wind them around the staircase or even place them on your table runner at dinner. Super fun and festive.

Christmas stockings

These merry little stockings are traditionally used to hide smaller trinkets and presents inside to open either on the even of Christmas or before other represents.

However, they look so colourful and festive, you can hang them up with hooks or string them over the fireplace for decoration - whether you plan on using them or not.

Window/mirror art

Frosted windows are a sign that it is the festive season in the Northern hemisphere, however, for South Africans, it’s full-on summer. To get the snowy look associated with a lot of Christmas decor in your own home, try white window paint or shoe polish.

You can use stencils to spray on snowflakes, trees and other festive designs. Since the paint scrapes or washes right off, it makes for a fun children’s activity too.

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