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Three tasteful design ideas for your bathroom

Our picks of the most on-trend looks for bathroom spaces right now

By Amy Saunders  | March 20, 2019 | Category

Here at the Condé Nast House & Garden headquarters we are always on the lookout for the latest trends that inspire us, and mostly you, to curate and live the finest designer lifestyles.

This week the team at Bathroom Butler shared a few of their bathroom design ideas based on the ever changing 2019 trends and with the intent to inspire creativity when renovating or building your bathroom. Take a look at three of the most awe-inspiring bathroom design ideas below.


Tasteful Textures

Blending different textures with a bathroom’s tile, wall paint and vanity options is a relatively easy task given the countless options available, however, for a truly textured look, try blending natural woods, concrete finishes and suede or velvet finish wall paints or textured wallpaper. Add to the composition by opting for furry bath mats or cushions, marble counter tops and brushed bronze bathroom accessories.

Keeping it Real

Natural wood - whether it be in its original form or as a tile, laminate or print, stands testament to its continued dominance and décor preference in the design world. The 4600 series brushed stainless steel range of bathroom accessories and various wood applications showcase how easy mixing different types of wood is in any design space. Given its natural, earthy properties, a plant of any type would add to the look.

Black Beauty

As design trends shift year after year, black remains consistent regardless of the era. To celebrate its consistency, use a matt black accessory range with white, marble or shiny tiles. Include silver, white or shiny finishes as the backdrop to this dramatic colour preference.

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