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White Washed

Revamp your kitchen with a fresh, new look that uses white cabinetry and finishes

By Lisa Wallace | March 3, 2017 | Interiors

From streamlined and contemporary to refined and traditional, there’s a reason white kitchen cabinets have stood the test of time, and why interior designers and homeowners continue to subscribe to the monochromatic look. White cabinets add brightness and help create a clean, minimalist look that works with various flooring, tiling and decor styles. Revamp your kitchen with a fresh, new look – be inspired by these six ideas.

Look on the bright side with excellent storage that allows for clutter-free living (above)

Steering clear of clutter, an all-white kitchen is the essence of laid-back summer style in this light and bright Jo’burg family home. Make use of clever cabinetry to ensure every item has its place.

Add interest to an all-white space with considered objets

Photograph: Adriaan Louw  

This blissful beach escape in Plettenberg Bay finds a medium between natural beauty and bold lines. A wall unit in the white-luxe kitchen area displays ornamental African artefacts, which goes towards grounding the minimal space and providing visual interest.

Be plain sailing with a completely monochromatic space

Photograph: Micky Hoyle  

This Clifton bungalow’s monochromatic palette and clever use of space bring to mind the fresh and easy grace of a sailboat. Instead of focusing on filling it, the owners concentrated on creating sophistication with the feel and finishes. The cool result is beach living at its best – bright white surfaces, sail-like canopies and cabin-shaped spaces all combined in breezy, yacht-like sleekness. The kitchen is thus more of a prep station and geared toward easy holiday eating. Seamless cabinetry keeps the look clean.

Create a country escape with off-white or cream tiling

Photograph: Elsa Young

St Leger & Viney founder Gary Searle renovated a gracious Jo’burg home to create a prototype for uncomplicated, yet sophisticated living, where quality trumps quantity. Metro tiles in the kitchen were custom made in Knysna to blend in with the cream palette. A series of paintings from Paris depict the artist’s chickens, each with their name included. The kitchen brings to mind Cape farmyards and country living.

Incorporate a creative design element into an unfussy, laid-back kitchen

Photograph: Greg Cox  

Imagine a farmhouse by the sea… This is what homemaker Véronique Susman and long-time collaborator Craig Kaplan have created in one of Plett’s most covetable locations. A mosaic splashback in the kitchen adds a quirky, decorative touch to the otherwise white cabinetry and marble kitchen surfaces.

Add a dark floor stain to your kitchen floors to complement an all-white design

Photograph: Bureaux/Greg Cox

This Mozambican holiday home embraces indigenous materials in its design, blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor living. The simple, front-of-house kitchen is perfect for easy living. Create something similar by pairing a dark screed or tiled floor with white surfaces, cabinets and finishes. The black-and-white effect is striking.

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Elsa Young

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