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Bring the art of Italian coffee-making into your home with Smeg

Discover Smeg products that transform the way you look at – and make – coffee

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By Edwain Steenkamp | August 6, 2023 | Shopping

Regardless of your coffee preferences - whether it's a velvety espresso, a rich American filter-style coffee, or a delightful milky classic - Smeg has all your coffee-making essentials covered, offering iconic design, cutting-edge technology, and the perfect blend of form and function.

Smeg Coffee Grinder

Treat yourself to an unparalleled coffee experience with the unbeatable taste and captivating aroma of freshly ground coffee at home. With an array of adjustable settings for the prefect grind, every cup becomes a sensory journey, awakening your taste buds and invigorating your senses with each sip.

The Smeg Coffee Grinder. Image: Supplied

Smeg Espresso Coffee Machine

A symphony of precision engineering, seamlessly blending cutting-edge technology with timeless style. Experience the joy of crafting the perfect crema-topped espressos and classic milky coffees, each cup brewed to perfection with unparalleled consistency and flavour.

Smeg Espresso Coffee Machine. Image: Supplied

Smeg Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machines

Indulge in the convenience of one-touch beverage selection for the tastiest selection of barista-style coffees at home. Equipped with a built-in grinder and a steam wand, this remarkable machine lets you enjoy a wide array of coffee varieties without the hassle.

The Smeg Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machines. Image: Supplied

Smeg Filter Coffee Machine

Take your coffee game to new heights with the tantalizing aroma and rich flavours of freshly brewed filter coffee for a completely customisable experience that's bound to leave a lasting impression on your taste buds.

Smeg Milk Frother

Perfect your coffee indulgence with the silkiest froth for the most delightful milk-based coffees. And why stop there? This versatile high-tech and versatile frother can also be used to whip up hot chocolate from scratch, craft specialty drinks, and so much more.

The Smeg Milk Frother. Image: Supplied

Inspired by Italy, styled by Smeg

Drawing inspiration from the Italian passion for coffee and infused with the unmistakable retro flair that defines Smeg's aesthetic, this collection is a sure conversation starter. With a captivating array of hues to choose from, including soft pastels, elegant neutrals, and bold statements, these coffee machines will effortlessly complement any stylish interior aesthetic, becoming a statement piece in your kitchen.

Discover these, and more products at the Smeg website, Facebook, or Instagram pages.