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How to Buy the Best Corner Sofa For Your Home

Choosing the best sofa shape to invest in should come down to its longevity in your home

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By House & Garden | January 15, 2024 | Shopping

If you're on the hunt for a new sofa, you've likely arrived at the question of whether to purchase a comfortable corner sofa or a stylish 2 or 3 seater sofa. Choosing between these two can be a bit of a task- especially when you consider that a sofa is an investment- and a good one should be with you for years.

What to consider before you buy a corner sofa

There are a few things you need to think about before you buy a corner sofa. The first, and possibly the most important, is whether to buy a sectional sofa or a fixed one. Should you buy the latter, be aware of which direction it is facing. Is the longer side on the right hand or the left hand? They will mostly be asymmetrical so you won't be able to flip them around. Modular designs are sold in sections so you can build your ideal configuration without being confined to a set shape. These are excellent for entertaining and hosting as you can position the chaise on whichever side you please, so, should you wish to rearrange the sofa to accommodate your guest you can!

You should also think carefully about what function your sofa will be fulfilling. Image via Pexels.

You should also think carefully about what function your sofa will be fulfilling. One with armrests, soft back cushions and deep seats will be comfy and suited to film nights and family life. A firm modular sofa with an upright backrest will encourage more formal seating, working well for intimate entertaining, or games evenings. Remember, sofas with extra seat cushions and back cushions tend to be more plush, so the style lends itself better to relaxing.

Are corner sofas a waste of space?

In traditional living spaces you will commonly find a three piece suite that consists of a smart sofa and two armchairs. Typically, these pieces are angled at one another to encourage conversation, or pointed towards a focal point like a fireplace. Whilst these set ups are lovely in smart living rooms, in cosy family style rooms, a corner sofa, or L shaped sofa, can be a more practical choice as it can seat the whole family, even in rooms where space is at a premium. Where a chair pressed up against a wall may look a little odd, a sofa flush with a wall makes sense and can offer a welcoming air.

Consider is the type of upholstery you might like on your sofa, like a velvet or leather corner sofa. Image via Pexels.

Are corner sofas a good idea?

A corner sofa can be an excellent way to denote different living areas in open plan spaces. The angled back creates a makeshift room divider, preventing the room from feeling too cavernous.

The final thing we encourage you to consider is the type of upholstery you might like on your sofa. A leather corner sofa will look smart and is easier to clean than some other fabrics. However, it won't be as cosy as a fabric corner sofa or one covered in a plush velvet fabric.

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