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Shopping: Designer Home Decor That is Actually Worth the Investment

Which objects and accessories amongst the sea of luxury goods is genuinely worth the investment?

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By House & Garden | April 1, 2024 | Shopping

Blinging out your house with brands may seem a little gauche, but there are items well worth the investment. Scroll on for our run down.

Fashion and interiors have always had a symbiotic relationship, informing and growing from one another. Over the past few months we've seen that reactionary, post-pandemic rage for party dressing reflected in the resurgence of high glamour interiors. As for that appetite for floaty floral dresses? A landscape full of cottagecore.

It should be no surprise, then, that many big name brands and luxury fashion houses have lines of covetable homewares. Gucci has kaleidoscopic cushions, Hermès has monogrammed sofa throws and Versace have trinket boxes in the shape of Medusa's head. A quick scroll of Matches Fashion, Net-A-Porter or Browns will uncover a treasure trove of goods.

But what amongst the sea of luxury goods is genuinely worth the investment? What will elevate your house and brighten your space, induce joy each and every time you lay eyes on it? Our editors weigh in.

Hermès Avalon blanket

Seen adorning the sofas of many a celeb, this monogrammed blanket is synonymous with Hollywood homes. Carrie Bradshaw has it, as do Meghan Markle and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. It comes in a rainbow of colours, from cheerful pale blue to a punchy orange, so it's apt for most interiors.

Gucci cushions

Some of the prints may be controversial, but you can't go wrong with a monogram print. Use it as you would a gingham or any other bold pattern and pair it with something quieter. We'd decorate a wooden chair with one and use it to brighten up dull corners. Most of them are reversible, too, so you're free to flip it over whenever you please.

Loewe scented candle

Something designed to be burnt into nothingness wouldn't usually fall under the umbrella of ‘investment'. However, we declare this candle to be different. Sure, this candle is designed to burn for an enormous 80 hours, but it's actually the aftermath of that which we're interested in. The pot has many uses long after the final flame dies out. It's the perfect desk accessory, makeup brush holder and cutlery pot (imagine it as the centre piece of a summer table), so we recommend picking yours based on the colour you like best, rather than the scent.

Missoni Home pouf

Missoni Home's range is packed full of colourful striped pieces and pretty textiles. However, whilst we do fawn over their sofa throws, we can't help but feel the textiles are better applied to furnishings. A pouf will last infinitely longer than a throw, which will inevitably bobble and fray if used. Even better? If you grow tired of the print, you can always have it reupholstered.

Rick Owens Furniture

Represented by the Carpenters Workshop Gallery, Paris-based Rick Owens makes design-led, curious pieces of furniture in limited runs. Our current obsession is the Swan Armchair, designed to last generations and made in a batch of just 50.

Colville shaggy rug

British Vogue alumnus Lucinda Chambers now heads up Colville, a clothing and homeware label infused with her signature style. Her current collection can be bought on Matches Fashion and features playful pieces, like this shaggy rug. Make like Lucinda herself and lie yours out in front of a fireplace.

Dior by Starck chair

Revealed at 2022's Salone del Mobile in Milan, Dior Maison and Philippe Starck have come together to reinvent and reinterpret the Medallion chair. They will only be available to buy from a selection of Dior boutiques towards the end of the year, so keep an eye out if you're after one. Price on application.

Gucci accent chair

Buttoned, tasseled, studded and upholstered–what more could you want? It's sort of like a chair you might inherit from your Gran, but we think of it as a really, really good dressing table chair. It needs to be placed somewhere that both the back and the front can be seen, as they're somewhat different.

Loretta Caponi

Florence-based designer Loretta Caponi might be best known for her charming clothing, but her homeware range of table linens, cushions and china is just as smart. Matches carry a line of floral napkins and placemats whilst her own website sells more simplistic embroidered linens.

This story originally appeared on House & Garden UK.