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Tune into World Radio Day With Our Picks for the Best Audiovisual Tech of the Year

These home speakers bring the best music to our ears this World Radio Day

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By Edwain Steenkamp  | February 13, 2024 | Shopping

Worldwide, 13 February marks a day to celebrate using radios, a device that has historically bound humanity together regardless of their knowledge, demographic, and geographic limitations. Since becoming most widely adopted over 100 years ago, the life changing messages, sonorous music, and technological advances of radio begs to be trumpeted at full volume.

With that being said, there is an art to listening. The meditative act and pure luxury that comes from enjoying quality sound in our homes. While there are countless reasons to head outdoors this season, some may argue the only antidote to a busy year is quiet, lazy days indoors with music, films, and series. Cue the very best in audiovisual tech to conclude the year, hand picked by our decor editor Edwain Steenkamp.

Beolab Speaker by Bang & Olufsen

Pioneers of the world’s most stunning sound systems, Bang & Olufsen introduces the ‘Beolab’ Speaker. This speaker is rooted in simplicistic Scandanavian design and packed with enough tech specs to make it an investment for the summer and every season beyond.

'Beolab' speaker, POR, Bang & Olufsen.

Apple HomePod Mini

Combining impressive sound, bold colours, and the intelligence of your Siri assistant, the Apple HomePod Mini is a modern testament to how far the modern music-listening devices have come. With access to some 90 million songs via Apple Music, this is more than a radio, but a futuristic smart speaker.

Apple HomePod Mini in blue, R1 999, Incredible Connection.

Samsung Live Galaxy Buds

Never before have we felt closer to our favourite songs. With music streaming platforms growing larger everyday and in-ear listening devices shrinking in size with every new model, all sound is becoming music to our ears. Samsung’s pioneering Live Galaxy Buds present the epitome of in-ear ergonomic design, allowing you to tune into every moment.

Live' Galaxy Buds, R1 899, Samsung.

Marshall Action II Speaker

The iconic amps stacked behind some of the world’s musical legends, the Marshall Action II Speaker might be small, but packs a mighty punch. The amp-inspired home speaker is both a nostalgic fixture and a piece of iconography, uniting music lovers and concert goers through a single design.

Marshall 'Acton II' speaker, R4 899, iStore.

Remax NFC Desktop Speaker

For the music lover with a tighter budget, the Remax NFC Desktop delivers crystal clear sound with Bluetooth capabilities. Resembling a UFO with its wide speaker output field distils output sound that is tighter, yet wider.

Remax 'NFC' desktop speaker, R1 115 FirstShop.