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Did you know? This underrated hidden gem is right in our backyard

Recently, Langebaan and the beautiful Drakensberg landed a coveted spot on this global travel list

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By IOL | November 30, 2022 | Travel Leisure

The West Coast is a beautiful part of South Africa, and really brings a sense of peace and tranquillity when you are there, the calm waters, white sand, and peaceful environment might just be the perfect place to enjoy time away to de-stress.

Not only did Langebaan Lagoon make it to the global list of the world’s most underrated places, but the Drakensberg is second on the list where experts revealed the world’s hidden gems.

They’ve noted that the Drakensberg Mountains, the highest mountains in Southern Africa, offer a hiking and camping experience unlike any other, and often go unnoticed. Those who enjoy a challenging experience while hiking will find joy in the Drakensberg Mountains.

The article also outlined some unforgettable experiences throughout the African continent that need to be on your bucket list

Gishora Drum sanctuary in Burundi

Gishora Drum sanctuary in Burundi made the top spot and is a wonderful experience, where the art of Burundi’s ancient drum rituals is celebrated. The ritual embarks you on a journey through history.

The Roots Yard Off Grid camping, Ghana

The name should give you an indication of the type of experience, the Roots Yard Off Grid camping experience in Ghana is a time for you and the family to spend quality time, away from bustling towns. The camping site offers vegan food, a calming atmosphere, and places to walk around; absolute peace and quiet.

Kapishya Hot Springs. Located in Chinsali, Zambia

Third on the list is Kapishya hot springs, it’s a hidden gem where you can enjoy warm waters surrounded by palm trees on the banks of Mansha River, many have left this place feeling relaxed and ready for life.

Written by Bernelee Vollmer

This article originally appeared on IOL