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5 great reasons to buy the new House & Garden SA December / January issue

Our December / January issue is out now with 5 great reasons on why you need to buy the latest issue of House & Garden SA today

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By Yashna Balwanth | November 29, 2022 | Design

1. The ultimate dual cover

A moment to be celebrated, H&G is releasing its first ever dual cover for this issue and we could not be prouder. The first, a beautiful Illovo home lead by designer Dylan Thomaz in which indoor and outdoor living is celebrated as one. For the second cover, we have partnered with Always Welcome, a brand seen as a melting pot of South Africa’s finest homegrown designers now opening their doors to their very first Cape Town store.

2. Gifting solutions for everyone

As the year draws to a close, we tend to celebrate a bit more during this time of year and sometimes that includes small or large gifts to pass on to each other. Whether you are shopping for furniture, home decor or jewellery, we have wrapped up a few pretty gift guide options for you and your family to shop. The gift of giving just makes this season that much more festive.

Keep festive tables simple and rustic this holiday season, Photograph: Warren Heath / Bureaux

3. Outdoor entertainment ideas

With the summer season in full swing, H&G have curated great outdoor dining solutions for you and your family. The new summer trend of blanquetting has recently taken over along with the outdoor bar setups in your own back garden. From colours to monochrome, keep your entertainment area well setup this holiday season.

Setup a relaxed picnic in the garden also known as a blanquette, Image supplied

4. The ideal family holiday this season

If you are looking for a little escape from the big city-life, we have rounded a few travel options this month for you to holiday with your family. Whether it is a small getaway or a big overseas trip, there are so many travel ideas available to us South Africans, not forgetting that we live in one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

This glass house in the middle of the forest makes for a serene getaway, Image: Instagram @Fazenda

5. New stores on the horizon

A much needed boost to the interior decor industry saw a multitude of brands opening new stores across the country this month. From H&M to Always Welcome and Block & Chisel, these heavy-hitters have brought back a summer flair with their soft fabric choices, bright and beautiful colours and bold and robust design. With their beautiful showrooms open to the public, we are so excited for what’s in store these coming seasons.

H&M Home has launched their first stand alone store in Sandton, Image supplied

Grab your digital copy of House & Garden here or pick up a physical copy now available in-stores nationwide.