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Here's some of the articles you loved from H&G this year

As 2022 wraps up, we’ve taken a look back and here are the top 5 articles on our site this year

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By Alyxandra Carolus | December 1, 2022 | Design

2022 is in it’s final couple of weeks, the holiday season is nearly here and we’re looking back at the year that was. This year we saw some incredible milestone moments for House & Garden, from the incredible CUSP exhibition featuring a multitude of local artists to our Instagram account hitting 50 000 followers! We’ve rounded up a selection of the top 5 articles that had you glued to it.

3 emerging kitchen design trends to keep an eye on in 2022

There’s something to be said about trend forecasting, and this piece on the upcoming designs that you might love for your kitchen was a complete hit. Compiled from searches on Google, an industry report from Atlas Ceramics and additional resources online. Have a look at the trends and let us know which one you’ve loved the most?

These are the world’s 20 highest paid home influencers

Who doesn’t love being nosy about influencers? This listicle about the home influencers who are coining it right now was one of our most popular pieces. Have a look at who’s on the list from around the globe, from English countryside chic of Hillhouse Vintage to the DIY antics of The Sorry Girls.

Zanele’s 7 colours recipe

A staple amongst South Africans and a favourite with our local audiences, Zanele’s van Zyl’s 7 colours recipe is a blueprint for us. If you didn’t know, 7 colours refers to the colour assortment of ingredients/side dishes that make up a traditional South African meal.

Our predicted top 10 trend forecast is here for 2023 - here's what we think

Trends never go out of style, and it’s clearly a great talking point with our audiences. Even if you don’t subscribe to trends, it’s always great to know what’s on the radar of interior designers and other industry professionals around the world.

Experts’ guide on kitchen details that make the look

Once more, kitchens are the focal point for 2022. This time around, we shared a sneak peek into what industry experts think finishes a space. The hard-working hubs of the home, kitchens and bathrooms require a keen understanding of functional (and stylish) design.

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