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3 Home makeover videos that are so satisfying to watch

Be inspired by these strangely addictive home makeover videos that are both inspirational and entertaining

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By Kauthar Gool | June 1, 2023 | Trends

Many of us would love to renovate various spaces within our homes but have no idea where to start. For one, renovating any space within your abode can be a real schlep, can take quite a bit of work, and may be incredibly expensive.

There is something so appealing about watching months’ worth of work crammed into a 30-second clip. It is also inspiring to see how something as simple as diverse hues and furnishings can transform a space so dramatically.

If you’re looking for some home makeover inspiration, we have the perfect videos for you, straight from YouTube. These clips are short, entertaining, and could motivate you to give your home a refresh.

1. Office renovation

Before the makeover, this entire space looked disorganised, chaotic, and a tad cluttered. After the room had been refreshed, the space looked much cleaner, aesthetically pleasing, and ready for a creative mind to take off and burn the midnight oil.

2. Cosy living room

This living room looks perfect for winter and cosy days on the couch. The colour palette, consisting of beautiful beiges, browns, and other stunning neutrals, is so inviting and draws you in. The warm throw draped across the couch is the perfect addition to the space.

3. Bedroom refresh

In this video, the woman used plenty of DIY tricks to give her bedroom a stunning look, with the space looking simple, clean, and elegant. The use of neutrals and natural wood gave the bedroom an airy, calm appeal.