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4 Fabulous Mother's Day home decor ideas, candles are a must

Celebrate your mom and create the perfect Mother's Day decor in your home

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By Kauthar Gool | May 8, 2023 | Trends

With Mother’s Day coming up soon, many of us will be thinking of the best ways we can show the special ladies in our lives how much they mean to us. In addition to giving your mom a bunch of flowers or gifting her with the perfect present she’s been longing for, some people also love to create the Mother’s Day aesthetic in their homes to make their moms feel extra special. If you are looking for decor ideas for Mother’s Day, we have the perfect tips for you.

1. Add candles to your dinner table

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To create a lovely intimate aesthetic, you can either add a few scented candles or a classic candelabra to your table settling. This will create a wonderful atmosphere in your home, and provide a source of illumination should loadshedding strike during your familial dinner.

2. Incorporate blooms in your home

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Add beautiful flowers to your home to give it a gorgeously festive atmosphere. You can also add pretty blooms to your table setting, provided that they are not so big and overpowering that they prevent people from looking one another in the eye and having a conversation. A chic vase with your mother’s favourite blooms could be a separate gift or part of the decor.

3. Balloons for festivity

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You could either add a balloon arch to your dining room or incorporate a few balloons with a special message for your mom as a separate gift. Decorative balloons are not just for children – integrate balloons in muted colours that flow with the overall theme of the dinner party.

4. Colour coordinate your setting

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If you’ve decided to give your mom a tea party with beautiful feminine colours – make sure that the shades of your napkins, table setting, and other decorative aspects complement each other. To give the space a sophisticated feel, do your research first. Find out which colours are your mother’s favourites and which work well together to create a classy atmosphere.