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Shopping: 6 Items to get the neutral Barbie look in your bathroom now

Shop these six decor items to give your bathroom a touch of Barbie without being over-the-top

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By Kauthar Gool | June 13, 2023 | Shopping

If you have a love of Barbie and all things pink, there are various ways you can incorporate the look into your bathroom without having the space looking bodacious or juvenile. Add dusty pink and white as a theme in your space. You’d be surprised by how lovely the room will look.

Integrating neutral pink shades with red undertones is a wonderful way to have your space looking warmer, which is especially appropriate for the colder months, when a home serves as more of a space of comfort than anything else.

Shop these decorative items to get the Barbie look in your bathroom. These items are by no means over-the-shop, but will instead give your space a touch of elegance. Play around with textures and a few decorative items to test whether the look suits your place. It is also a fantastic idea to add pastel pink with other new neutrals, such as sandy beige.

A bathroom, should, ideally, be a space place of relaxation and not only a room in a home utilised for functionality. Make the room your own and embrace the beauty of pink.

Textured cotton towel set, R299, Woolworths
Contemporary oval wall mirror, R3 999, @Home
‘Luna’ basin with removable plinth, R4 025, Flush
Ceramic soap dish, R159, Woolworths
Chaise bath, from R29 950, Victorian Bathrooms
Ceramic ribbed soap dispenser, R219, Woolworths