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These beautiful local lasses are set to dominate the interior design world

This week sees the launch of the beautiful interior design brand The Finishing Store and local tea brand Smith House of Tea

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By Yashna Balwanth | April 24, 2023 | Trends

It was a beautiful morning filled with lots of chatter, beautiful spaces and the perfect sweet treat alongside a great cup of tea. The Finishing Store and Smith House of Tea, two new local female-owned brands are set to launch this week into the interior design and tea space in South Africa.

Both brands offer a fresh and unique approach to the traditional tea and interior design industries, with a focus on intentional design and quality ingredients.

Owner of The Finishing Store Meghan Van't Hof and founder of Smith House of Tea Jordannah Smith, Image supplied

The Finishing Store was conceptualised by an architect and their love of all things bold and balanced. The brand imbues the belief that all things making up a space should serve a purpose and simultaneously bring great joy to the eye. Their e-commerce offering is a one-stop-shop for finishing any space with a selection of highly curated decor and interior pieces. They also offer a collaborative interior design service enabling you to work alongside their interior experts and architects, leaning into their knowledge to assist you in curating your own finishing space.

“Spaces should have personality. This interior offering aims to encourage each space-maker to inject individual personality into their own space, whether it be an office space, a home space, or a big or small space. We think in bold pattern, colour and texture. It is where old meets new in a gentle but punchy way.” says The Finishing Store founder, Meghan Van't Hof.

A display of Smith House of Tea products, Image supplied

On the other side of things, Smith House of Tea has given the ritual of tea drinking a face-lift by tarting up the packaging and sourcing the finest whole leaf teas, fruits and spices all blended to perfection for the ultimate luscious brew. Their carefully curated modern tea brand not only looks the part, but tastes just as delicious. Their celebratory blends, lovingly packed into silky tea bags, will have you proclaiming what a great cup of tea it is.

“As coffee culture dominates the beverage scene, Smith House of Tea seeks to establish its own unique tea culture for modern tea enthusiasts. We provide a variety of high-quality teas and educate customers on the art of brewing and enjoying tea.” says Smith House of Tea founder, Jordannah Smith.

Scatter cushions and other beautiful home decor, Image supplied