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Gift Guide: 4 Thoughtful Housewarming Gift Ideas to Welcome a New Home

Give a new homeowner something unique, well-thought out, or simply something they wouldn’t buy for themselves

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By Kimberley Schoeman  | January 24, 2024 | Gift Guide

Presenting a uniquely thoughtful housewarming gift has the power to turn a house (or apartment) into a home. One of the great joys of moving into a new home is throwing a celebratory housewarming gathering, which only happen once, but is a special opportunity to host friends and family in this new space for the first time.

There are so many kinds of housewarming gifts that range from purely decorative — like a house plant, wall art, or textile — to uber practical, like knives, glassware, or oven gloves. But the best housewarming gift is one that has found a place in a new home before it has even entered. Why? Because it is the perfect gift for the new homeowner. A great place to look for housewarming gift ideas is the homeowner’s Pinterest account (if they have one), they are sure to pin only their most authentic desires for you to get some inspiration.

Rechargable Moral lamp by Haus Republik

Gone are the days where desk lamps are only architectural draft-table-like lamps with an adjustable arm and lamp shade. Today, funkier shapes and smooth silhouettes reign supreme. When moving into a new home in South Africa, any off-the-grid objects that will help during hours of load shedding won’t go unappreciated. Ever since well-designed rechargable lamps began to flood the market, an invitation to a housewarming is the perfect time to pick up a portable and load-shedding-proof lamp like Haus Republik’s Moral lamp, named after the moral mushroom.

Morel Rechargable Portable Lamp by Haus Republik, R579. Image: Supplied.

Luxury Hand and Soap Duo

A new home comes with a new bathroom that needs to be christened with fresh hand soap and other cleansing products. While everyone has a preference for which hand soaps they have stationed at their sink, there’s nothing like using a brand new luxurious soap that is just one step up from the typical organic or clinical supermarket soaps. We recommend something aesthetically pleasing like the cult classic Aesop Resurrection Duet with a hand wash and hand balm that makes you feel like you’re at a luxurious hotel or a spa. Isn’t that the pursuit of any bathroom anyway? Gift this experience to your friends and set the tone for their new bathroom experience.

AESOP Resurrection Duet, R2,535. Available through Skins Cosmetics. Image via Pexels.

Beatrix Mixing Bowls from Poetry

For the home baker in your life, another mixing bowl won’t go unused. With an assortment of cheery colour and size options, there’s a bowl for every recipe. We recommend picking up one or all three of the ceramic Beatrix Mixing Bowls from Poetry. With built in spouts, they are perfectly pretty and practical.

Beatrix Mixing Bowls from Poetry. Image: Supplied.

Gift Your Favourite Olive Oil

One of the joys of moving into a new home is restocking our kitchen with fresh ingredients and pantry staples, as if we are filling the kitchen of our dreams. For anyone who loves to cook at home, a can or bottle of extra virgin olive oil is a gift that will always be highly appreciated, it’s like gifting liquid gold. Also, why give someone your favourite candle when you can gift them your favourite olive oil? Olive oil is also a great ‘future proof’ gift because you can make it your personal go-to, signature gift that you will be known to gift time and again (in the most chic way possible, so make sure it’s good olive oil!)

Extra virgin olive oil is a gift that will always be highly appreciated, it’s like gifting liquid gold. Image via Pexels.