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Gift Guide: Last Minute Christmas Gifts for the Aesthete

For those with an eye for design, these are great last minute gifts that won’t disappoint

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By Kimberley Schoeman  | December 11, 2023 | Gift Guide

Welcome to the official 2023 House & Garden SA Gift Guide! Throughout November and December, we will showcase our favourite objects and gifts for any kind of person and occasion in your life. Picture guides for foodies, stocking-stuffers, and of course those who seem to have everything (trust us, they definitely don’t).

Everyone has that one aesthetically-obsessed person in their life where every tiny moment and routine is meticulous transformed into beautiful meditative ritual. However, they might be the last person on your list of Christmas gift recipients because their gifts may require a little more thought (or creative direction). Luckily, South Africa has an ever-growing plethora of purveyors of gifts who beautifully speak the lexicon of the visual design language. We’ve gathered a few of our favourite aesthetically-pleasing gifts for grooming-enthusiasts, home bodies, and those who love to entertain.

Aesop Quench Classic Skin Care Kit, R2,250

Aesop Quench Classic Skin Care Kit, R2,250. Available through Skins Cosmetics.

For the wandering traveller or local flâneur, skincare kits from world-renowned (aesthetically pleasing) grooming brand Aesop is perfect for that person with meticulous attention to detail. The Quench Classic Skin Care Kit is a symphony for the skin featuring the Purifying Facial Cream Cleanser; B & Tea Balancing Toner; and Camellia Nut Facial Hydrating Cream, all curated in a luxurious travel case. Not only does this take your personal care journey to the next level, but adds to one’s highly curated bathroom vanity.

Le Creuset U Mug, R299

The aesthete has an eye for colour and a palette for elegance. Yet, they do make room for playful touches to their overall curated space. A great addition to any aesthete’s home is by virtue of their drinkware, which is typically the easiest (and safest) bet that you can make a practical contribution to their space. The Le Creuset U Mug, like many of the brand’s offerings, these a presented in a plethora of shades from a vibrant shade of Nectar to the more demure tone of nutmeg.

Field Notes Notebook, R320

Few writing apparatus have stood the test of time to become either global or local icons. While the aesthete has had them all like an iconic Moleskin notebook, Lami pen, or Montblanc writing instrument, they’ll have their heart set on pieces that come with a story while doing the job. From the humble folk at Field Notes, why not pick up the original 48-page notebooks? Available in three variations – graph, ruled, or plain paper – or as a mixed 3-pack that includes one of each paper type, these are the perfect small gift for the on-the-go writer, idea-jotter, and all-round wandering explorer searching for inspiration everyday.

Field Notes ‘Signs of Spring’ Pack of Three Notebooks, R320. Available Through Write Gear.

H&M Home 2pck Linen Napkins, R149-R199

Linen napkins make the perfect gift and adds a touch of luxury to your Christmas table. Gifting creative and colourful reusable cloth napkins are a great pick for the home entertainer with a wonderful eye for tablescapes. Table linens and textiles are not only making a resurgence with more dinner parties on the rise, but are the more sustainable serviette choice of the year. Luckily, they don’t have to be the most expensive small luxury. Just a pair of linen napkins are available from H&M Home for as little as R149.

H&M Home 2pck Linen Napkins, R149-R199. Available through Superbalist.