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The Best Kitchen Appliances You Need to Elevate Your Home Cooking in 2024

Invest in the best kitchen gadgets, and your dinner guests will not be disappointed

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By House & Garden South Africa | January 19, 2024 | Shopping

Besides buying the best ingredients, there is no better way to improve your cooking than with the best kitchen appliances. Once you buy your first piece of really good, well-designed kitchen appliance, you really start to see the value in those products, which either change the game or are the best for a reason. Consider the kind of home chef you are and the types of appliances that best suit your epicurean needs (or desires).

High-end kitchen appliances are typically those customizable pieces, which makes them more appealing to designers, trend-enthusiasts, and for advanced customers.

For this collection of kitchen appliances we’ve got both tiny gadgets that fit on the kitchen counter as well as those larger once-every-few-years appliances that you’ll probably use every single day. If your 2024 goal is to cook more meals at home than go out, then why not invest into this part of your lifestyle?

Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer

The Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer has itself at home on kitchen counters around the world for a reason. As the adage goes, classics are forever. Since their introduction into home kitchens in the 1900’s, stand mixers have built a sort of cult status and have become an aspirational appliance for any kitchen. With the spectrum of colours, specs, and additional fittings available with the Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer, you honestly can’t go wrong.

In 2024, you might be looking to start making fresh pasta, save time on kneading dough, or looking for a gadget that does it all. With this addition to your kitchen appliance repertoire, you easily be able to elevate everyday dishes with just a simple swap of its countless attachments like vegetable shredder, speedy slicers, and pasta cutters to name a few. If you don’t know which accessories you want to add to your mixer, many retailers in South Africa offer bundle deals that include a sweet pack of attachments.

Use a Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer for this recipe: Coffee Swirl Cheesecake

Kitchen Aid 4.8 Litre Stand Mixer in Majestic Yellow. Image via Pexels.

Le Cornue Château Oven

Elevating your kitchen with updated appliances doesn’t just improve your cooking, but can breath fresh air into your kitchen’s overall aesthetic. Invest in your cooking’s potential with the crème de la crème of ovens: A Le Cornue Château oven, which comes in a wide variety of colour options that you can even customize, (like colours, finishes and burner styles).

This luxurious antique-looking stove can be spotted from a mile away with its brass knobs and details. You can choose from over 30 colours and 6 finishes to create the stylish oven of your dreams. Dare we say they are worth the hefty price tag because each Château oven is entirely handmade at the Le Cornue workshop in the Paris region.

Use a Le Cornue Château oven for this recipe: Maple-butter glazed turkey

Meater Wireless Smart Meat Thermometer

Kitchen appliances have entered a new category of ‘smart’ appliances with Bluetooth and wifi capabilities. So of course why wouldn’t any braai master need a wireless meat thermometer?

A meat thermometre is not a novel idea, but a completely wireless thermometre that connects to your phone is quite incredible to witness, especially when the result is perfectly cooked chicken, turkey, beef, lamb or fish. Pick up a Meater Wireless Smart Meat Thermometer, which will send notifications to your phone as it monitors internal and ambient temperatures.

Use a Meater Wireless Smart Meat Thermometer for this recipe: Slow cooked lamb shoulder with garlic, herbs, and lemon.

A meat thermometre is not a novel idea, but a completely wireless thermometre that connects to your phone is quite incredible to witness. Image via Pexels.

Zwilling Enfinigy Digital Scale (Pnp home)

For precise measuring, a digital kitchen scale is an absolute winner. A digital scale is not reserved for speciality coffee lovers and ‘almond moms’. A small, but mighty kitchen scale has many benefits like time saving on measuring different weights and volumes, as well as time doing dishes.

The best way to get the most out of your kitchen scale is adding your ingredient’s vessel to the scale, then ‘resetting’ the weight of your vessel (which will bring it back to zero), add in the weight of your first ingredient, reset that, and repeat!

Use a Zwilling Enfinigy Digital Scale for this recipe: Homemade ramen noodles with backing powder

Zwilling Enfinigy Digital Scale. Image: Supplied.