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Shopping Guide: Beautiful HAY Design Accessories You Can Buy in South Africa

Everyone deserves beautifully designed objects by HAY Design for everyday living

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By House & Garden South Africa | March 19, 2024 | Shopping

The Danish design brand HAY has become known world wide for setting trends with colourful pieces at affordable prices. Started back in 2002, HAY has become world renowned as a go-to brand for first-time buyers of beautifully designed everyday objects.

Walk into any apartment of a young person in Denmark and you are bound to find something designed by HAY like their iconic Colour Crate, twirly candles, or even vibrant furniture.

With cooler winter months approaching, refresh your space with HAY’s playful accessories, which inject a bit of playful (yet masterful) design into our everyday lives. Our favourite purveyors of HAY design accessories in South Africa include INOVA and Crema Designs, both located in some of Cape Town’s most creative design neighbourhoods.

Colour Crates

Probably HAY’s most iconic design, the Colour Crate takes cues from industrial storage creates while reintroducing their functionality into our home with bright colours. From pastel tones to punchy shades, there is a colour crate for every home’s colour story.

The Colour Crates are also made from 100% recycled post-consumer plastic waste, making them a stunning addition to any design-minded zero waste home.

HAY Design Colour Crates. Image courtesy of HAY.

Colourful Twisty and Twirly Pillar Candles

With the state of loadshedding in South Africa, you can’t go wrong with upping your candle game at home, especially with HAY’s world-famous colourful candles. Many brands today have riffed their original twirly candle, but nothing beats the original. If your candle tastes do not lean towards the more ephemera nature of designer candles, HAY’s candle holders are the perfect vessel for any candle.

HAY Design’s Column candles and Twist candles. Image courtesy of HAY.

Illuminating Lamps and Lighting

Pao Steel Pendant by Japanese designer Naoto Fukasawa for HAY. Photography by Klaus L Moeller. Image courtesy of HAY.

At the root of many of HAY’s best products is collaboration. By working with some of the world’s best designers, HAY ensures there is a piece to meet everyone’s taste whether it be quirky pieces or streamlined designs. When it comes to lighting, there is much to offer for any need from pendant lights, small lamps, and artistic lanterns.

As pictured above, the Pao Steel Pendant was a collaboration with Japanese designer Naoto Fukasawa, is named after the soft, glowing shape of Pao tents, traditional to Mongolia. The light’s style is modest, yet simple resulting in a delightful everyday lighting solution that seamlessly plugs into any environment, whether it be a breakfast nook or a professional workspace.

Coffee and Drinkware

Morning coffee proves to be more than a step in our morning routines, but an essential ritual to kick start the day. This means that our coffee preparation deserves a touch of design in any way possible from the cups, the method of preparation, or the settings in which we enjoy it.

If your coffee preferences are simply ‘just coffee’, then you will love HAY’s colourful French Press brewer. The French Press is a kitchen essential, but gone are the days that we are buying cheap, plastic plungers that make sub-par coffee. Up your game with HAY’s French Press made from ultra durable borosilicate glass, which pairs wonderfully with a playful with a contrasting colour lid and knob. For an added touch of play, pair this French Press with corresponding HAY mugs to match your lid and knob.

HAY French Press. Photography by Klaus Langelund. Image courtesy of HAY.